Shipping Pharmaceuticals and Medical Products

Shipping Pharmaceuticals

Our insulated box liners keep diagnostic reagents, medical devices, blood products, insulin and similar products cool, sweat free, and protected during transport. Our state of the art box liners protect from heat especially during summer months for up to 24 hours, this will ensure your valuable materials arrive safely.

Our temperature controlled insulation products have a provided a long history of reliable protection for a variety of pharmaceutical, diagnostics and medical device companies. We create custom liners for large shipments too, just call 310-638-0900 to get started

Pharmaceutical Insulation Features:

  • Helps maintain refrigerated temperatures.
  • Excellent for diagnostic reagents, blood products and medicines requiring refrigeration.
  • Prevents moisture “sweating” on product during transport.
  • Clean and professional presentation.

Our insulated box liners are excellent for medicines and diagnostic reagents that must maintain refrigerated or at/below room temperature. Utilized by major diagnostic reagent manufacturers nationwide, PopupLiner provides an effective and time-tested form of insulated packaging. In comparison to Styrofoam, PopupLiner can be disposed of cleanly and easily.

In addition to temp shield temperature control shipping materials, we also manufacture gel pack refrigerant products.

CooLiner insulation is perfect for shipping pharmaceuticals and medical products. Watch the demonstration video below to see it works.

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The highly compact Pre-Qualified Insulated Shipper provides superior thermal insulation using IPC’s patented technology.

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These refrigerant packs are made to remain colder, longer and are re-usable, made of durable plastics. They are perfect for shipping food, pharmaceuticals, and other temperature sensitive items.