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Proprietary Insulating Technology for Superior Cold Chain Packaging.

IPC manufactures and designs high-performance, temperature-control materials for a wide variety of companies around the world.

Insulated Products Corporation

Since 1999, we have focused on studying, perfecting, producing and delivering effective temperature-control packaging to companies shipping medicines, foods and industrial goods worldwide.

Starting as a family business in Los Angeles in 1999, IPC started supplying the produce industry in southern California with the containers, insulation and refrigerant materials required to ship their goods around the world. The company founder quickly recognized the national and global demand for such products, and IPC began to reach out, via trade shows and the internet, to the many industries that require temperature-control packaging around the world. IPC began to grow its extensive manufacturing plant which produces proprietary temperature-control materials reliably year-round, day in and day out.

Serving a wide variety of industries

More than two decades later, IPC operates a modern, self-sustained manufacturing plant in Los Angeles, California. In the factory, IPC produces numerous temperature-control packaging materials used by a variety of industries. IPC has established hundreds of major accounts nationwide that purchase weekly supplies of the packaging goods they require to operate. IPC reliably manufactures, stocks and distributes these goods daily, all around the country.

The company has faithfully provided Fortune 500 companies with high-performance temperature-control products for several years. Accuracy and timeliness are essential elements of our business. Our reliable staff strive to produce the right products and deliver on time, every time.

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Why IPC?

There are many reasons why our clients love working with us.

  • Reliability

    With nearly two decades of experience in the industry, we’ve perfected our proprietary methods for manufacturing and delivering quality insulation products on time. Our large manufacturing plant runs all year round, making sure you receive your products on time.

  • High-Performance Products

    All our insulation products are designed with one key focus: High performance. Each product is tested rigorously in our in-house environmental temperature chambers to ensure it provides effective temperature control.

  •  Innovative Materials

    Through years of experience, IPC has developed superior, proprietary insulation materials that provide numerous benefits over other products. We’re dedicated to innovation, and are always on the lookout for new-and-improved methods of insulating temperature-sensitive goods during last-mile transport.

  • Serving Numerous Industries

    We have been fortunate to supply insulated packaging materials to successful companies operating across a diverse spread of industries. Most of our clients operate in the medicines, foods and industrial goods industries.

  • Custom Manufacturing

    Many of our products can be manufactured to your exact requirements at our extensive plant in Los Angeles. We specialize in providing flexible solutions to your custom requirements.

  • Broad Range of Insulated Packaging Products

    IPC offers a wide range of insulated packaging products, from box liners to gel packs. This allows us to provide an effective solution for any requirement you may have. Some of our most popular products are insulated box liners, insulated pallet covers, insulated pouches, refrigerant gel packs and pre-qualified insulated shippers.

  • Solutions Development and Testing

    IPC’s design and testing services deliver individualized and novel packaging solutions along with qualification and validation services to meet regulatory requirements. IPC is capable of developing industry-leading, customized packaging solutions that safely protect and preserve the integrity of your most valuable products.

  • Shipping Guidance and Support

    At the request of clients, we can provide manuals that properly illustrate the correct principles and guidelines for shipping temperature-controlled goods. We can name the pitfalls and explain the basics. We can teach you how the materials work and how to use them optimally to ensure your products reach their destination at the right temperature.

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Subcontractor Vendor Qualification Process

IPC works with quality ISO 9001 and Fortune 500 companies for a multitude of the materials we purchase. Such companies are evaluated on their reliability, quality, procurement capability and, most of all; their performance history. IPC’s history of providing quality packaging solutions has provided us with a real-world, tested, rigorous performance capability.

IPC qualifies its vendors using the following criteria: financial stability, history of service, client references and financial competitiveness. IPC regularly sources its purchased goods in order to consistently maintain the best materials while remaining financially sound.

Mission Statement

Insulated Products Corp provides high value to its clients by creating high-performance, compact packaging insulation products using unique and innovative manufacturing techniques.

IPC, a leading manufacturer of high-performance temperature-control insulation products, manufactures environmentally-friendly and compact reflective radiant barrier liners, pallet covers, blankets, and wraps for all your cold chain shipping needs. These thermal shipping products are offered in custom sizes, pre-packaged ready-to-use applications, and single-use disposable solutions.

All our products are developed and manufactured from our factory in California.

Unique Materials

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In-House Testing

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