CelluLiner Paper Insulated Pouch

Curbside-recyclable, paper insulated pouch for small-sized consumer deliveries.

Paper Insulated Pouch

CelluLiner paper insulated pouches provide the perfect solution for sending small-sized temp-sensitive products to consumers.

Introducing our new 100% paper insulated pouch, perfect for protecting small-sized temperature-sensitive shipments while on their way to you environmentally conscious customers.

CelluLiner Insulated Pouches are made entirely with paper, meaning they can easily be recycled after use.

While compact and lightweight, these insulated pouches provide highly effective temperature control. With a composition made of numerous layers of paper that create thousands of tiny air pockets, CelluLiner material substantially prevents ambient heat from entering inside the package.

And with a lick-and-stick adhesive strip, CelluLiner pouches can be sealed and sent on their way in seconds.

Not all paper packaging products are the same

Unlike some paper packaging products that use low quality, non-recyclable material such as newsprint and cornstarch, at IPC we only use post-consumer paper materials that are valuable to recycling companies.

Why CelluLiner?

Learn why our paper insulated pouches provide the perfect solution for temp-sensitive consumer deliveries.

Curbside Recyclable

Once received, your customers can simply flatten them and put them in their curbside recycling bin.

Custom Sizes

Thanks to our in-house custom manufacturing capabilities, we can supply paper insulated pouches in any custom size to match your exact requirements.

Collapsible Design

CelluLiner insulated pouches can be efficiently flat-packed before and after use, resulting in substantial savings in warehousing and shipping costs when compared to other types of insulating pouches.

Custom sizes and minimum order quantities

As with most IPC packaging solutions, we can manufacture paper insulated pouches in any custom size, and at no additional cost. This allows you to source packaging at a size that perfectly fits your specific product requirements, resulting in optimal conditions for temperature control, and giving you confidence that your products will reach their destination within the desired temperature range. Additionally, we can test your custom payload in our in-house environmental testing chamber, further ensuring the packaging solution will provide sufficient thermal protection.

Our CelluLiner Pouches are subject to minimum order quantities. Get in touch or learn more about our minimum order quantities here.

Paper Insulation diagram

Performance Testing

CelluLiner maintaining below 60°F for 3 hours

Details: Chicken breast (16 oz), sausage links (13.3 oz), whole milk (64 oz), yogurt cup (6 oz) and cheese (16 oz)
Bag size 12″ x 7″ x 17″
Bag weight 4.7 oz
Product used Insulated grocery bag
Pre-Shipment Temp: 36 °F
Refrigerant Used: N/A
Temp. Profile 75 °F for 0.5 hr / 100 °F for 2.5 hr
Test duration 3 hr

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