Our ongoing commitment to research and development allows us to continually improve our product range to create the most high-performance and cost-effective solutions to your cold-chain packaging requirements.  Here are some of our latest innovations.


The only reflective bubble material that can be recycled nationwide.

High Recycling Value

Made of 100% mono-material plastic, this innovative material has a high recycling value.

Highly Customizable

Customizable to suit your exact packaging requirements.

SustainaLinerTM is a revolutionary new type of insulation material engineered using a unique manufacturing process. SustainaLinerTM is not a mixed plastics product. It is made of 100% mono-material plastic film, and has a high recycling value. It can be recycled at locations nationwide. Click here to find the recycling locations near you.

This innovative summer liner comes in various forms to suit the products you’re shipping: a box liner, pouch, pallet cover, or as insulation roll. So whether you’re shipping small, envelope-sized items or large pallets of products, SustainaLinerTM allows you to do it cost-effectively and with minimal negative impact on the environment.

SustainaLinerTM is the only reflective bubble material that can be recycled nationwide. Click here to find out where SustainaLinerTM products can be recycled.

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