Insulated Pallet Covers

IPC’s Insulated Pallet Covers protect pallet-sized shipments against extreme ambient temperatures for over 24 hours.

Manufactured using our innovative, environmentally friendly CooLiner material, the Pallet Covers can be quickly and easily applied to shipments, protecting them against damaging temperature excursions during transit.

While providing high-performance temperature control, CooLiner is an extremely cost-effective solution when compared to refrigerated trucking. The insulating blankets also help prevent heat damage in cross-dock shipping and on the tarmac.

The dual-layered structure combines an ultra-radiant barrier and a super-insulating bubble layer. This provides the strength and flexibility needed to resist punctures and withstand rigorous handling during transit, while also blocking light, UV and odor transfer.

Custom Manufacturing

We specialize in manufacturing custom sizes for our clients. Take a look at our suggested sizes below, or contact us with your exact requirements.

Suggested Sizes

40 x 48 x 48
40 x 48 x 60
40 x 48 x 64

40 x 48 x 72
40 x 48 x 96
125 x 96 x 64

125 x 96 x 96
125 x 88 x 64
125 x 88 x 96

Don’t see the dimensions you’re looking for? We specialize in manufacturing custom sizes to fit your exact specifications. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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High-Performance Insulation

The innovative pallet covers are constructed with our proprietary foil bubble material, and provide protection against extreme hot and cold temperatures.  We assist our clients in keeping bulk shipments at consistent temperatures throughout the transit duration.

The thermal pallet covers provide you with the most cost-effective temperature control for less-than-container-load shipments.

Custom Manufacturing

We specialize in manufacturing custom sizes of insulated covers for our clients. Browse our suggested sizes below, or contact us with your exact requirements.

Although the insulated pallet blankets provide an extremely high level of temperature-control performance, they are priced at a fraction of the price of reusable covers. CooLiner insulated covers are generally one-use, disposable products, meaning no reverse logistics are required.

Various Product Applications

The covers provide extreme performance and are appropriate for a variety of different product applications.

IPC prides itself on its ability to create custom solutions, tailor-made to “fit” the needs of the client.

Insulating Bulk Shipments

CooLiner insulation blankets provide an excellent method of insulating bulk quantities of goods. The pallet covers deliver outstanding temperature-control performance against cold and heat. They are widely used in the United States and worldwide to protect solids and liquid products, including medical fluids, pharmaceutical components, water-based paints, industrial chemicals, temperature-sensitive industrial materials, seafood, and meat.

CooLiner Pallet Covers can be used as insulated shrouds & insulated hoods, and are among the most cost-effective types of thermal pallet protection products available.

In addition to temp-shield temperature-control shipping materials like the CooLiner thermal blanket cover, IPC also manufactures kits to protect Air Cargo LD3, LD8 and LD 10 containers.

Insulated Pallet Blankets


  • Sturdy, tear-proof, heat-sealed, foil bubble material.
  • Arrives folded with space-saving design.
  • Quick and easy to apply, saving on labor.
  • Collapsible and easy to dispose of.
  • Low cost, single-use design; no reverse logistics required.
  • Reusable with some applications.
  • Provides high level of light, solar radiation and UV protection.
  • Made of reflective radiant barrier materials
  • Peel-and-seal self-adhesive easy closure

Watch the video below to see how to insulate your shipments using CooLiner pallet insulation.

What Makes Our Insulated Pallet Covers Superior?

  • Protection Against Extreme Cold and Heat

    Recommended for protection of room temperature or refrigerated products against cold and heat extremes.

  • Extreme Space Efficiency

    Insulated pallet covers arrive compact and compressed for easy storage and transportation.

  • Made of Robust, Durable Material

    Our thermal pallet covers are made using sturdy, puncture-resistant, heat-sealed, foil-bubble material.

  • Easy to Use

    Easy-to-use design allows you to apply your insulated pallet cover in seconds using a peel-and-seal adhesive closure.

Insulated Pallet Cover

Performance Testing

Protection Against Extreme Cold

Protection Against Extreme Heat

Pallet Insulation Test
Insulated Pallet Cover Heat Control

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