• Recent trends have caused rapid growth in the direct to consumer model
  • 60% of consumers increased use of direct to consumer channels during pandemic
  • Companies shipping temperature-sensitive goods direct to consumer are now responsible for ensuring products arrive safely.
  • For these brands, the importance of using high-performance, cost-effecive, recyclable insulated packaging has never been greater

The digital transformation of retail has been on the cards for years now and the global pandemic has accelerated this trend, but it’s not just e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon that have benefited. Stay-at-home orders from governments around the world and shocks to supply lines as businesses closed their doors forced consumers to change their spending habits and companies to adjust their business model. Consumers purchasing more products online and trying out new brands instead of purchasing from traditional brick-and-mortar stores or going out to restaurants has also been a boon for the direct-to-consumer (D2C) retail model.

Direct-to-Consumer (D2C)

Direct-to-consumer spending in the US is forecasted to reach $175 billion by 2023

Direct-to-consumer spending is increasing dramatically

Direct-to-consumer spending has increased substantially in the recent years, from $76.68 billion to $129.31 billion since 2019. With this trend expected to continue into the following years, direct-to-consumer spending in the US is forecasted to reach $174.98 billion by 2023.

Insulated Packaging Solutions for Direct-to-Consumer Shipments

Embracing and capitalizing on this trend means ensuring your business has robust distribution processes in place for shipping temperature-sensitive products directly to consumers. This means you have to take full responsibility for ensuring each product reaches your customers is perfect condition.  When it comes to ensuring safe delivery of products to your customers, one of the main factors to consider is what type of insulated packaging will guarantee protection of your products until they reach the customer.

At IPC, we have designed a number of insulated packaging supplies specifically for sending to consumers. We understand that consumers are environmentally conscious and seek convenience, and we’ve designed a selection of insulated packaging materials that tick those boxes:

  • Effective insulation
  • Easy to recycle
  • Compact and lightweight

100% Paper Insulated Packaging

CelluLiner is made with a 100% paper construction, and is available as a 2-piece box liner and a pouch. The fact that it’s made entirely with paper means it can be curbside-recycled without any separation required – it can simply be flattened and recycled at the convenience of your customers.

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Made entirely using high-value recyclable material, SustainaLiner is a box liner that protects refrigerated and room-temperature products for 24 hours. It’s made entirely of low-density polyethylene plastic, meaning it’s lightweight, compact and provides reliable temperature control.

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Drain-friendly Gel Packs

Our drain-friendly gel packs were made designed in response to the need for refrigerant gel packs that allow easy disposal. Made with a non-toxic gel solution encased in a recyclable outer shell, the contents of these be conveniently poured down the drain after use.

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