How To Ship Refrigerated Products

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Refrigerated products are susceptible to hotter temperatures, making it crucial to understand the best way to keep your products at desirable temperatures. Insulated Products Corp. offers you a step-by-step process on how to ship your refrigerated products.

Understand that thermal protection is a must for any perishable or refrigerated products.

A few pointers before you begin packaging your refrigerated products:

If you have any refrigerant gel packs, place these into a freezer at least 48 hours in advance.

  1. Make sure you allow for enough time for the shipping company to arrive before packaging your products for shipment. If the shipping company is running behind, then make sure you have a refrigerated environment close by for storing your products.
  2. The next step is to begin the packaging of your products: necessary components may include insulated boxes, pallets, fillers, foils, bubble wraps, liners, and gel packs – depending on what refrigerated products you are shipping and the quantity involved.
  3. Take your products and place them gently and securely into your thermal protected box or pallet. Make sure either the insulated box or pallet is lined with any type of thermal protection: foil, foam, bubble wrap, etc. A standard box or pallet with liner is not sufficient enough to ensure the best results.
  4. Use sweat proof or regular refrigerant gel packs and begin to strategically place directly against your refrigerated products. The best place for a gel pack is on the top of the product, with the sides being the next best location. Placing gel packs under the product may help, but it’s considered the least effective.
  5. After careful placement of the refrigerant gel packs around your product, you may still have space to fill in order to keep your product tight and secure. A product that moves around during transportation puts it at risk for quality loss. Your insulated box or pallet should also be able to withstand the forces of loading and unloading during transportation. IPC offers foil insulation rolls and other products perfect for accomplishing this task.
  6. Close and seal off the top of your insulated box or pallet. For insulated pallets, we recommend using low cost insulated pallet covers for maximum thermal protection.

Insulated Products Corp. offers a very easy to use insulated pallet shipper that comes ready to pack for your convenience and is a perfect solution for shipping bulk items that require cold chain management. Additional refrigerated gel packs may be needed to ensure optimal product quality.

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The infographic below shows you all the steps you should take to effectively package your refrigerated products.

Packaging Refrigerated Products

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