Custom Sized Insulated Packaging

Custom Sized Insulated Packaging

When selecting insulated packaging for temperature sensitive goods, many businesses overlook the importance of using custom sized insulated packaging that perfectly matches the product’s dimensions.

Instead, they choose from a limited selection of standardized insulated packaging that isn’t adapted to the size and shape of their products.

In this article, we’ll detail exactly why standardized insulated packaging is problematic and outline the benefits of using custom-sized insulated packaging.

Why using the right size of insulated packaging is essential

Custom-sized insulated packaging fits the exact specifications of the temperature-sensitive products. This means empty space inside the packaging is kept to an absolute minimum, and there are three crucial benefits to this.

Custom insulated packaging for increased thermal efficiency

1. Thermal efficiency

Insulated packaging tailored to the precise dimensions of your temperature sensitive goods provides optimal thermal efficiency. The absence of empty space means air circulation is minimized, thus heat flow that could raise the temperature inside the packaging is significantly reduced. As such, custom-sized insulated packaging that fits your packages perfectly allows you to maintain controlled temperature conditions for longer durations.

Custom insulated packaging for increased operational efficiency

2. Optimal operational efficiency

Custom-sized packaging doesn’t just make it easier to maintain stable temperatures for long periods, it also boosts the operational efficiency of your business.

Minimizing dead space inside your insulated packaging ensures your packages are as small as possible, allowing you to avoid unnecessary storage and shipping costs for packages that are larger and heavier than they need to be.

Custom insulated packaging for reduced waste

3. Waste minimization

Custom-sized insulated packaging means you use the least amount of material necessary to protect your temperature-sensitive goods. As well as further reducing your packaging costs, it is also a sustainable choice as it keeps waste to a minimum. Furthermore, with improved thermal efficiency, fewer products will be spoiled while in transit to your customers, resulting fewer wasted products.

The problem with standardized insulated packaging sizes

Standardized insulated packaging comes in a limited range of set sizes, which inevitably means there is excessive empty space surrounding your product, unnecessary use of packaging material, and greater storage and shipping costs for bulkier packages. Additionally, standardized insulated packaging tends to be imported, which is less sustainable and incurs further shipping costs.

Expanded polystyrene coolers (EPS) are a classic example of standardized insulated packaging. Suppliers often attempt to combat their reduced thermal efficiency by packing them with dry ice or gel packs. However, this isn’t cost-effective when compared with custom-sized insulated packaging that can meet your cold shipping requirements using fewer materials and inputs.

How IPC solves this with custom-sized insulated packaging

From pharmaceutical products to perishable foods, temperature-sensitive goods come in all shapes and sizes. This means insulated packaging needs to as well.

IPC is a leader in insulated packaging thanks largely to our focus on providing bespoke products that match the specific cold-shipping needs of our customers.

The majority of insulated packaging suppliers outsource production which means they are unable to offer custom-sized packaging that fits the exact dimensions of your temperature-sensitive products.

IPC designs and manufactures its insulated packaging in-house at our US facility. As such, we can discuss your cold shipping requirements in detail and tailor our products to your needs accordingly.

We are then able to put the performance of our custom-sized insulated packaging to the test in our performance testing chambers that recreate the expected shipping conditions of your temperature sensitive products throughout the entire shipping duration. Our analysis of your product’s temperature from start to finish means you can ship your goods safely with the knowledge that IPC’s custom-sized insulated packaging will provide the required thermal protection.

And it will do so with greater thermal and operational efficiency than standardized insulated packaging, while minimizing waste as well as your storage and shipping costs.

Get in touch with us at IPC to discuss your cold shipping requirements and receive a quote and sample of our insulated packaging products with no obligation.

Custom Sized Insulated Packaging Products

At IPC we develop all of our products with a focus on custom sizes, allowing our customers to find the perfect insulated packaging supplies for their needs.

The IPC Process

The IPC custom-sized insulated packaging supply process has been refined over decades to allow us to respond quickly to our customers’ exact requirements.

IPC Process 1

1. Customer requests quote

Solution Delivery Process 2

2. IPC develops custom-sized packaging

IPC Process 3

3. Performance testing

Solution Delivery Process 4

4. Solution delivery

Products Our Insulated Packaging Protects

Our custom-sized insulated box liners, delivery bags, pallet covers and pouches can provide powerful protection for all perishable, temperature-sensitive goods.

  • Fresh and frozen meat
  • Seafood
  • Poultry
  • Sausages
Fruit & Vegetables
  • Fresh & frozen grocery products
  • Berries
  • Pickles
  • Raisins
  • Cheese
  • Milk
  • Ice Cream
  • Yogurt
  • Wine
  • Beer
  • Smoothies
  • Champagne
  • Fresh Juice

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