Foil Inslation Roll

Easy to use, environmentally friendly and cost-effective foil-backed bubble wrap.

insulation roll

Foil bubble rolls made of radiant barrier insulation that protects shipments against extreme ambient temperatures.

CooLiner insulated bubble wrap is IPC’s premier insulation line for protection of varying sizes of containers, pallets and other packages or freight.

The lightweight foil insulation is engineered using our recyclable #7* CooLiner material, which features a dual-layered structure of air bubbles and metalized foil, fused together with an intelligent bond solution. The durable material is impervious to tears or rips, and provides effective temperature control throughout the duration of your shipment.

*May not be recyclable in your area

Available in any custom size

We can provide insulation rolls in any custom size at no additional cost, allowing you to find insulation that fits your exact requirements. Get in touch for more information.

What Makes Our Insulated Bubble Wrap Superior?

  • Protects Against Cold and Heat

    The foil-faced insulation provides high-performance temperature protection against extreme cold and heat ambient temperatures.

  • Easy to Use

    CooLiner foil backed bubble wrap makes it easy to insulate pallets in seconds.

  • Efficient Use of Material

    Eliminate waste by using only the amount of thermal roll needed to protect your cartons or pallets.

  • Light and UV Protection

    CooLiner thermal insulation foil roll provides high level of protection against light and UV.

Available in Various Thickness

Our Insulated Rolls are available in various levels of thickness that are offered depending on your performance requirements.


More streamlined for reduced costs.

CooLiner Lite

Single Bubble

Suitable for shiments lasting 24 hours.

Double Bubble

Dual bubble layer provides 20% better protection.

CooLiner Double Bubble Diagram

Performance Testing

The performance of our bubble foil insulation against both extreme heat and cold is demonstrated below.

Protection Against Extreme Cold
Protection Against Extreme Heat


What is CooLiner?

Years of research and development led to the creation of the CooLiner foil bubble insulation, an advanced insulation liner material. The material uses a powerful fusion of encapsulated air bubbles and metalized films to keep your shipments safe against ambient temperatures during transit.

CooLiner products, known as silver bubble wrap, come in several forms – including box liners, pallet covers, pouches and insulated delivery bags – and can be custom-made to fit a shipment of any size. The material could not be simpler to use, and is recommended for protecting shipments lasting 24 hours at refrigerated temperatures.

How does CooLiner work?

The high performance of CooLiner thermal insulation rolls is achieved through their unique, dual-layered structure.

Reflective Outer Layer

CooLiner material uses a reflective outer material that provides the perfect combination of heat reflection and mass. Highly reflective and light materials (those with low thermal mass) are ideal for heat resistance. This critical combination used by CooLiner has a significant net-effect on its impressive degree of performance.

The metalized, reflective layer serves to prevent heat from radiating into the shipment from the surrounding environment. It functions even more effectively when exposed to open air, as when it is used as a pallet cover.

Internal Bubbler Layer

The bubble material used within CooLiner has a unique structure that provides substantial resistance against heat flow.

Perfected through more than a decade of ongoing research, this bubble technology provides real-world efficiency that generates savings for businesses.

Why is the CooLiner superior?

Excellent performance.  Using CooLiner foil bubble wrap allows you to rest assured your goods will arrive at their destination within the required temperature range.

Space-saving design.  The foldable design of the insulation allows for space-efficiency savings in warehousing and shipping.

Durable material. The unique material is made to resist punctures and tears.

Easy disposal.  There is no need for reverse logistics.

How does CooLiner save me money?

Warehousing and shipping costs.  The compact design of these thermal insulation rolls makes it quick and easy to store and apply to shipments, especially when compared to bulky insulation products.

Pack-area efficiency.  With lower space requirements, CooLiner products provide more pack-area efficiency.

Ease of use.  CooLiner products can be applied in a matter of seconds.

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