FabriCool Air Cargo Covers

The perfect insulated shipping solution for airplane cargo.

air cargo insulation covers

Insulated cargo covers built to protect pharmaceuticals, biomaterials and other temperature-sensitive products during air transit.

Air Cargo Covers

Fabricool is an advanced insulated packaging material, available exclusively at IPC, specially designed to protect air cargo shipments against extreme ambient conditions. Made using a recyclable #7* combination of a tough metalized outer layer and an internal fabric layer, FabriCool provides effective temperature control, while also allowing the contents to breathe to avoid build-up of condensation.

FabriCool Air Cargo Covers provide the perfect solution for any airlines, perishables distributors or 3PLs seeking a reliable method to protect their products during air transit.

*May not be recyclable in your area

Custom sizes

All of our air cargo packaging materials can be manufactured in any custom size, allowing you to find a packaging solution that perfectly fits your requirements. Get in touch to discuss your specific needs.

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Quick and Easy Application

FabriCool air cargo covers can be applied to your cargo in a matter of seconds. Simply place the cover over your cargo, and pull down the cover over the corners of your cargo.

FabriCool Features

  • Proven protection

    Proven to protect against extreme ambient temperatures during loading and in transit

  • Breathable fabric material

    Lined with a breathable fabric material that provides cushioning and minimizes build-up of condensation

  • Robust metalized outer layer

    Built with a robust metalized outer layer to protect against tears and inclement weather conditions.

  • Protection for extended durations

    FabriCool air freight packaging covers provide an effective temperature barrier for more than six days and guarantee protection against freezing.

  • User-friendly design

    User-friendly design allows packaging to be applied to shipments in seconds, and fit perfectly every time.

  • Highly compact design

    Highly compact design allows for efficient storage and shipment

Performance Testing

The efficacy of the FabriCool air cargo covers was tested by comparing the temperatures inside pallets containing boxes of salt tablets with and without a FabriCool cover when subjected to extreme temperatures. As can be seen in the below graph, the FabriCool cargo covers significantly minimized internal temperature fluctuations when exposed to extreme, fluctuating ambient temperatures.

FabriCool Air Cargo Covers Performance Testing

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All our products are developed and manufactured from our factory in the USA.

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