Insulated Frozen Vaccine Shippers provide effective protection for frozen vaccine shipments lasting up to 96 hours.

Tested for vaccines

Our vaccine shippers are rigorously tested to ensure efficacy.

Perfect for frozen shipments

Our packaging keeps vaccine shipments frozen for up to 96 hours.

96-hour+ shipments

The frozen vaccine transport boxes have been proven to last more than 96 hours.

Environmentally friendly

Green, recycleable materials allow you to minimize your impact on the environment.

96 Hour Frozen Vaccine Shipper Performance Testing

The efficacy of the frozen vaccine shipping boxes was tested over a 48-hour period. 32 oz of vaccines were placed inside a PopupLiner, which was then subjected to a summer temperature profile for 96 hours.

As demonstrated by the graph, the insulated vaccine packaging effectively kept the vaccine payload at frozen temperatures throughout the 96 hour duration of the shipment.

Payload: 32oz. of vaccines
Vaccine Box Size: 3.9” x 2.04” x 4.88”
Shipper Size: 20” x 20” x 20”
Insulation Used: 3” PopupLiner
Temperature Profile: ISTA 7D Summer
Refrigerant Used: 35 lbs. of dry ice
Transit Time: 96 hour
Dry Ice Sublimation Rate: 0.20 lb/h

Each insulated vaccine transportation box comes with a carton and a PopupLiner box liner.

To ensure the protection of vaccines against extreme ambient temperatures and physical damage during transit, the WHO requires that all vaccines are shipped using validated insulated boxes. When choosing an insulated packaging solution, it’s of paramount importance that the chosen solution is guaranteed to keep the vaccine shipments within the frozen temperature range throughout the entirety of the shipping duration.

Our PopupLiner Vaccine Shippers provide the perfect solution for bulk vaccine transportation. Manufactured using our proprietary PopupLiner packaging material, crafted through 20 years of development, these thermal box liners have been rigorously tested using our in-house testing chamber to guarantee that they can provide sufficient temperature control for vaccine shipments lasting more than 48 hours.

Whether you’re shipping domestically or internationally, our PopupLiner insulated shippers for vaccines give you the confidence that the shipments will reach their destination in frozen condition. 

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