Drain-Friendly Gel Packs

Recyclable refrigerant gel packs with contents that can be conveniently rinsed down the drain.

Drain-Friendly Gel Packs

Non-toxic, disposable and recyclable gel packs that can be conveniently disposed of down the drain.

Our Drain-Friendly Gel Packs were created in response to the need for gel packs requiring easy disposal. The challenge that existed previously was that, despite the outer plastic portion of the gel packs being recyclable, there was no easy way to dispose of the gel material contents. This resulted in many used gel packs ending up in a landfill.

Our drain-friendly cold packs provide the perfect solution for keeping your products cold while in transit to your customer. Made of a durable, recyclable outer casing and drain-friendly gel contents, these gel packs provide a cost-effective methods of prolonging the duration that your goods remain cold, resulting in happier customers and less wastage.

Key Features:

  • Recyclable or disposable
  • Robust leak-proof design
  • Protects frozen and refrigerated shipments


Our drain-friendly packs can be conveniently rinsed down the drain and recycled after use.

Robust leak-proof design

Be confidenct cold packs won’t leak into your shipments.

Protects frozen and refrigerated shipments

Protects frozen or refrigerated products during shipment.


Our drain-friendly cold packs can be quickly and easily recycled after use.

1. Cut open cold pack

2. Pour contents down drain with running water

3. Recycle empty outer casing

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