Sweat-Proof Gel Packs

GelTech-M +30F Formula

GelTech high-performance refrigerant gel packs are made of refrigerant and thermoplastic materials.
These sweat-proof freezer packs are made to remain colder for longer. Made of durable yet lightweight plastics, the shipping gel packs are puncture-resistant and reusable. You can use the sweat-proof gel packs for shipping food, pharmaceuticals, and many other temperature-sensitive items.

We manufacture custom sizes.

As well as the sizes listed in the table below, we can also supply custom-sized cold packs. Get in touch to discuss your bespoke requirements.

Minimum order quantities. Learn about our minimum order quantites here.


  • Sweat-proof design

    Advanced, layered exterior helps to minimize condensation.

  • Engineered to stay colder for longer

    The high-performance gel packs keep your shipment cold throughout the shipping duration.

  • Fabric-covered exterior

    Prevents freezer burn during handling.

  • Tough rugged construction

    Tough, recyclable polyethylene plastic is used with heat-sealed seams to guarantee reistance to punctures and tears. The shipping gel packs will not leak to contaminate your shipment.

  • Private label available

    Get in touch to inquire.

  • Dry ice alternative

    While dry ice can maintain frozen temperatures for a longer duration, cold packs are extremely helpful in maintaining frozen temperatures, and are often used as an alterntive to dry ice.

Sizes Available:

Item Code Weight / Pack Size / Pack Qty. / Case Weight / Case Cases / Pallet
GT-3M 3 oz. 4″ x 4.5″ 152 28.5 50
GT-8M 8 oz. 4″ x 7″ 66 30 50
GT-12M 12 oz. 4″ x 8″ 40 30 50
GT-16M 16 oz. 4″ x 7.5″ 36 36 50
GT-24M 24 oz. 6”×8” or 7”×8” or 4”×11” 24 36 50
GT-32M 32 oz. 7″ x 10 18 36 50

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All our products are developed and manufactured from our factory in the USA.

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