Our Materials

Our innovative materials utilize proprietary technology to provide superior temperature protection.

19 years of experience has gone into the range of advanced insulated packaging materials we offer today.

Our extensive research in the industry has resulted in the development of three proprietary, advanced insulation materials, not available to others in the industry.

We work closely with our manufacturing facility to provide custom solutions to any insulated packaging requirement.


Compact Design.


Revolutionary, Space-Saving Design.
Proven Performance.


Environmentally Friendly Materials.
High Performance.

GreenLiner Material

Ultra-Insulating Foam

IPC’s foam fillers provide extreme protection from the elements. Millions of capsules per square inch provide conductive insulation beyond that provided by conventional insulators.

Ultra-Radiant Barrier

IPC’s proprietary radiant barrier cover is specially designed to reflect radiating heat. The vapor impervious, multi layer film enhances the already high performance provided by the unique foam filler.

GreenLiner is available as both a box liner and an insulated pouch.

GreenLiner Demonstration

CooLiner Material

Ultra-Radiant Barrier

Advanced, highly protective foil type material is engineered for maximum reflection and minimum absorption. The unique layer is also highly puncture-resistant while remaining a green and efficient structure.

Advanced Barrier Layer

IPC’s white bonding layer: an intelligent bonding solution that adds little mass while providing extra strength and elasticity.

Super Insulating Bubble

Specially engineered for insulation, IPC’s highly encapsulated bubble material resists conductive heat flow while remaining temperature stable. Special additives provide a strong structure, built to stand up to the rigors of shipping while remaining efficient.

Double Bubble

CooLiner is also available in a Double Bubble version, featuring the same high-performance materials but with a dual bubble layer. This additional layer of air pockets helps provide more powerful temperature control for an even longer duration.

CooLiner is available as a insulated shipping box, envelope, pallet cover, and roll.

CooLiner Demonstration

EcoLiner Material

Ultra-Insulating Recycled Cotton

IPC’s insulating recycled cotton is derived from natural sources and provides superior thermal protection of the payload against ambient conditions.

Environmentally-preferred Plastic Liner

IPC’s innovative and robust plastic film is designed to minimize moisture and heat transfer through the product. Recycling is not needed as the outer cover fully degrades in open environment.

Ecoliner is available as an insulated box liner.

Space-Saving Products

Reduce Freight Costs

IPC’s GreenLiner line of products ship to your facility uninflated, resulting in a significant reduction of inbound freight costs. You can receive one pallet of IPC products instead of truckloads of foam.

Save Warehouse Space

IPC’s products occupy only a fraction of the space required by foam boxes, allowing for significant savings in warehouse space.

Protective Cushioning

IPC’s GreenLiner inflated panels absorbs shock from rough handling, does not crack on impact and ensures your product arrives protected.

Efficient Disposal

IPC products can be disposed efficiently and compactly after use. Unlike bulky alternatives and environmentally friendly.

GreenLiner Space-Saving Design
GreenLiner Insulated Box Liner

All our products are developed and manufactured from our factory in the USA.