The Cold Chain: maintaining the desired temperature of a unit of cargo from origin, during transport and finally upon delivery at the destination.

IPC has been at the forefront of cold chain packaging since its inception. The heart of an effective cold chain shipping is the insulation utilized in packaging the cargo. IPC has spent thousands of man hours studying and perfecting materials used to create its thermal packaging. IPC is tireless in its pursuit of the most advanced materials available while designing and developing its cold chain packaging solutions

IPC understands the challenges associated with being a cold shipping company. Pharmaceutical, biotech, food or industrial shippers all have their own unique set of requirements and challenges. From sourcing, to purchasing to the packaging and shipping department IPC has taken the steps to facilitate the process of finding and implementing a cold chain solution for its clients. Performance, price efficiency, easy storage and use are all characteristics we employ in all our temperature control shipping products.

Cold Chain Packaging

Ccold-chain-shippingold chain packaging system IPC’s manufacturing expertise is critical in the development of its advanced thermal packaging products. Our in-house design, testing and sampling department allows us to employ creative solutions to the challenges posed to our clients. While competitors’ products utilize traditional molded designs that are difficult and costly to alter or customize; all of IPC’s temperature control shipping solutions are designed to be fully collapsible and easy to alter.

Our GreenLiner modular panels can be easily ‘cut to size’ to create custom sizes and its relatively flexible insulation materials also provide a positive bi-product: enhanced vibration and shock resistance which can be critical for the safe transport of sensitive molecules to delicate and fragile foods.

Our cold chain shipping line includes: