Insulated Delivery Bags

Insulated Tote Bags

CooLiner To Go is a robust insulated delivery bag that is more convenient to use than a box-shaped liner.

The new-and-improved version of the CooLiner Box Liner, CooLiner To Go is an insulated tote bag that comes with a convenient carrying handle and provides effective temperature control for over 24 hours.

Each single-use, thermal bag comes with an integrated handle and an easy-use adhesive tape seal, making the CooLiner To Go the perfect bag for applications involving delivery and transportation of hot or cold food.  As well as being used as insulated food delivery bags, the To Go can also be used for transporting other temperature-sensitive products.

A single-use, high-performance insulated delivery bag

These disposable insulated food bags are designed to offer a singular, high-performance insulation unit, as opposed to dual-layered paper bag and liner combinations that are also available. The performance achieved using the CooLiner To Go is superior to the combined units since the metalized outer layer is uncovered.

These insulated food bags can withstand the weight of a very large quantity of food products. Our in-house testing has indicated the bags can safely carry more than 20kg of temperature-sensitive produce.

A patent is currently pending for the design used in this innovative cooler bag.

Insulated Shopping Bags
Insulated Food Bags

What makes these Insulated Delivery Bags superior?

Convenient Carrying Handle
An integrated handle makes it easy to carry the insulated shopping bags by hand.

Instant Peal-and-Seal Closure
Once the bag is full, simply pull tape to reveal adhesive strip and seal.

Effective Temperature Control
Our tried-and-tested, proprietary CooLiner material effectively keeps your deliveries within a specific temperature range.


  • Convenient Carrying Handle

    Integrated carrying handle makes it easy to hold the insulated delivery bags in your hand.

  • Protection for over 24 hours

    High-performance insulated cooler bags that provide effective temperature control for more than 24 hours.

  • Robust construction

    The disposable insulated shipping bags feature a sturdy design to prevent tears.

  • Instant seal

    Quickly seal the insulated shopping bag with the Peel-and-Seal adhesive lip closure.

  • Perfect for food shipping and deliveries

    Thermal bags are perfect for sending hot or cold food to your customers.

  • Raw materials approved by the FDA

    Our insulated grocery bags are FDA-approved in cases of incidental food contact.

  • Enhanced use with Ice Packs

    Enhance the performance of your insulated cooler tote bags by using them in conjunction with our refrigerant cold packs.

Insulated Grocery Bags

CooLiner also comes in a box liner and pouch format. Watch the video to find out how quick and easy it is to use CooLiner products for shipping.

Insulated Food Bags


What is CooLiner?

Made with a combination of metalized films and air bubbles, CooLiner material is an innovative type of insulated packaging that effectively protects shipments against extreme ambient temperatures.

The reflective pouches give you all the flexibility you need. They are available in any custom size, and they can be filled and sealed in seconds.

Also available as a box liner, pallet cover or cargo blanket, CooLiner is recommended for protecting shipments for durations lasting 24 hours.

How does CooLiner work?

Our proprietary insulation technology, exclusively available at IPC, perfectly combines heat reflection and mass. In comparison to similar materials with a higher relative thickness, CooLiner provides superior temperature control.  It is the dual performance of the reflective outer layer and low thermal mass that allows CooLiner to outperform other similar products.

Reflective Foil Layer

The foil outer layer serves to prevent heat from radiating into the shipment. While this works extremely well when used to line a carton, even more effective performance is achieved when the insulation is exposed to the open air, like when used as a pallet cover.

Advanced Bubble Layer

With a unique structure carefully designed to inhibit conductive heat flow, CooLiner material can provide superior thermal protection to even thicker, heavier films.

The result of 11 years of research and development, our bubble insulation technology has, time and time again, proven to provide real-world efficacy.

Why is the CooLiner superior?

Unparalleled performance.  It provides a level of temperature control unparalleled in the industry.

Reduced operational costs.  CooLiner helps you to keep your work area efficient with quick and easy application. Another benefit is that CooLiner can be compactly folded away when not in use, providing valuable savings in warehousing and shipping.

Durable, puncture-proof and water-tight. CooLiner material is safeguarded against rips during transit, allowing you to rest assured your shipments will reach their destination without damage.

Performance Testing

Refrigerated Product – 48-Hour Transit in Summer

Insulated Delivery Bags
Box Size:
ID Size:
Container Used:
Container Compared to:
Weight Shipped
Pre-Shipment Temp:
Refrigerant Used:
3 lbs. Foil-Wrapped Gourmet Chocolate
10” x 10” x 10”
10” x 10” x 10”
Carton Lined with CooLiner Box Liner
10” x 10” x 10” Carton with 6 pcs. ½” Styrofoam Inserts
8 lbs.
55 °F
1.5 lbs. (1 gel pack at 1.5 lbs)

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