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Kangaroo Mailer vs. PopupLiner Insulated Pouch: A Comparison

By November 14, 2023November 16th, 2023Products

At IPC, we understand the importance of making informed decisions for your packaging needs, especially with so many options to choose from.

That’s why in this article we’re going to take a look at Kangaroo Mailer Insulated Pouches to better understand the differences and similarities to IPC’s PopupLiner Insulated Pouches.

Both provide passive temperature control, and are well-suited for shipping small, temp-sensitive items such as food and pharmaceuticals, but which might be best for your business?

Kangaroo Mailer

Kangaroo Mailers are self-inflating thermal mailers designed for shipping temp-sensitive goods. They open using an auto-inflating function triggered by puncturing the pouch.

Key Features:

  • Inflates when punctured
  • Lightweight
  • Business branding


  • Provides reliable protection during transit
  • Cost saving with space-saving design 

PopupLiner Insulated Pouch

High-performance, reliable protection for temp-sensitive products, with a unique space-saving design and a focus on sustainability and custom sizes.

kangaroo pouch

Key Features:  

  • Exceptional temperature control –  up to 48 hours of protection, increasing to 72 hours with the use of optional thicker panels
  • Innovative compression technology
  • Made of recyclable materials
  • Optional secure peel-and-seal closure
  • Cushioning for added physical protection for shipments


  • The availability of custom sizes means you can ensure your pouches perfectly fit your products for optimal thermal performance
  • Unique space-saving design resulting in substantial warehousing and operational costs.

Which Is Easiest to Use?

PopupLiner Insulated Pouch

PopupLiner’s compression technology means you only need to open the package and the pouch immediately inflates to full size, ready to be used. This simplicity can save valuable time in busy warehouses or during high-demand periods.

Kangaroo Mailer Pouch

Kangaroo Mailer pouches may not be as straightforward to use for some. It involves piercing the pouch for inflation, a process that can be time-consuming and potentially impact warehouse efficiency.

Which Offers Better Thermal Control?

PopupLiner Insulated Pouch

PopupLiner is made with a reflective Mylar outer cover which holds a high-performance polyurethane insulated panel that protects temp-sensitive goods for up to 48 hours.

IPC also offers the option to order pouches with thicker high-performance or ultra-high performance panels, ensuring top-tier thermal protection and up to 72 hours of item security.

Additionally, PopupLiner insulated pouches are available in custom sizes to fit the exact dimensions of your products, maximizing thermal efficiency.

Kangaroo Mailer Pouch

Kangaroo Mailer provides reliable protection during shipping but it does not make clear how long your temp-sensitive products will be protected for, nor is it obvious if you can request a performance test run under laboratory conditions, as we do at IPC.

Another aspect that may limit Kangaroo Mailer’s thermal performance is the lack of custom sizes. This means your products are unlikely to fit perfectly into the pouches.

Which Is the Most Eco-Friendly Option?

PopupLiner Insulated Pouch

PopupLiner is designed with sustainability in mind from the outset. Its eco-friendly, recyclable materials are ideals for businesses with environmentally conscious customers.

Kangaroo Mailer Pouch

Kangaroo Mailer is marketed as a sustainable thermal packaging option although the exact materials used in its manufacture are not made clear.

Which is Best for Optimizing Warehouse Space?

PopupLiner Insulated Pouch: PopupLiner insulated pouches arrive compressed and inflate to ten times this size once opened, making them 75% more space efficient than the equivalent size of molded cooler.

Kangaroo Mailer: Kangaroo Mailer also utilizes compression technology but claims that this offers a space saving of 87% compared to molded coolers.

Do They Offer Tailored Custom Sizes?

PopupLiner Insulated Pouch: PopupLiner pouches are available in any custom size to ensure maximum thermal efficiency for your temp-sensitive goods.

Kangaroo Mailer Pouch: Kangaroo Mailer doesn’t offer custom sizes. Customers must choose from predefined options, potentially impacting its thermal efficiency.


Kangaroo Mailer certainly has its strengths, but PopupLiner’s innovative features, including compression technology, customization options, eco-friendliness, impressive thermal control, and a 72-hour guarantee, make it a reliable choice that can adapt to the needs of your business.

Get in touch with one of our agents to find out how PopupLiner insulated pouches can save your business money while providing unparalleled temperature control.  And if you’d rather look into something that’s made entirely of paper and curbside recyclable, take a look at our CelluLiner pouch.

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