Insulated Box Liner

EcoLiner’s high performance stems from the natural, cotton-based panels, wrapped in a bio-based film.

Insulated Box Liner Environmentally Friendly

The EcoLiner is a two-piece thermal insulation liner made to protect the contents of a six-sided container.

EcoLiner’s high performance stems from the natural cotton based panels that are wrapped in a bio-based film.

  • Natural based materials are in testing for biodegradability and/or for ASTMD 6400 compliance (in testing)
  • Also available in pouch form with 1.5″ wall

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Given that traditional temp control packaging like molded containers are bulky, IPC’s EcoLiner Box Insulation provide better alternatives because they arrive collapsed and compressed – making them 75% more space efficient that an equivalent size of molded cooler.

This space efficiency feature helps IPC’s clients receive industry best pricing made possible by the reduced inbound freight cost as well as saving in labor achieved via the reduced handling requirements of few pallets. This makes IPC’s EcoLiner one of the most cost efficient substitutes for molded containers on the market today.

Shipping with dry ice

You can use EcoLiner insulated shipping boxes in conjunction with refrigerant products, such as gel packs and dry ice, to provide even more effective performance. Dry ice containers can keep your products cool for even longer periods of time.

Why Ecoliner?

  • Effective for 48 Hours+

    EcoLiner box insulation protects refrigerated, frozen and room temperature goods for shipments lasting over 48 hours.

  • Environmentally Friendly Materials

    EcoLiner is made of eco-friendly materials that decompose over time, helping you to minimize your impact on the environment.

  • Space-Saving Design

    EcoLiners are shipped compressed, allowing you to make substantial savings on shipping and warehousing costs. This efficient design is 75 percent more space-efficient than the equivalent in rigid coolers.

  • Easy and Quick to Use

    The EcoLiner Box Liner can be applied to your shipping containers in a matter of seconds. Simply position the two three-panel sections and seal.

EcoLiner Box Liner

Performance Testing

EcoLiner Comparison with EPS Cooler

The test results were recorded by type T thermocouples with accuracy of ±0.5°C with similar placement within each of the test packages. Insulated Products Corporation (IPC) does not warrant or guarantee that these results will be the same for any product or shipment. IPC will gladly provide samples for independent/customer testing.

EcoLiner test data
Box Size:
Refrigerant Used:
Temperature Recording Device
10” x 10” x 10”
1″ EcoLiner and 1″ thick EPS cooler
500 ml bottle of nutrient-enhanced water beverage
2 lb of gel packs
Type T thermocouple

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