Insulated Box Liners

CooLiner insulated shipping box liners provide thermal protection for containers of any size.

Insulated Box Liner
The CooLiner box liner is a simple, easy-to-use insulation bag, made of environmentally friendly materials and collapsible for easy shipping.

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The CooLiner is recommended for protecting carton-sized shipments lasting up to 24* hours at refrigerated temperatures. When used together with a corrugated box, the one-piece CooLiner creates an effective temperature-control kit that folds  compactly for easy storage and transportation.

Knowing that your temperature-sensitive products are protected from ambient temperatures throughout the cold chain distribution system gives you the confidence to ship your goods in any season to any location. By shipping with the proper type of insulation, ‘product loss’ becomes less of a concern.

Using the same innovative technology found in our foil-bubble thermal blankets and pallet covers, CooLiner insulated box liners use passive energy reflection to insulate your products throughout the entire shipping duration.

Suggested Sizes

8” x 8” x 8”
12” x 12” x 12”
18” x 12” x 12”

48” x 20” x 12”
35” x 22” x 21”
41” x 28” x 25”

Custom Size – Don’t see the dimensions you’re looking for? We specialize in manufacturing custom sizes to fit your exact specifications. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Why CooLiner?

  • Extreme Space Efficiency

    The compact and collapsible design of CooLiner box insulation makes it easy to transport and allows you to save on storage costs.

  • Environmentally Friendly Materials

    Built with materials that minimize impact on the environment

  • Peel-and-Seal Easy Adhesive Lip Closure

    Easy-to-use one-piece design allows you to seal and insulated your shipping boxes in seconds.

  • Leak-Resistant

    Water-tight design means your products will stay dry during transit.

  • FDA-approved

    Raw materials approved by the FDA in case of incidental food contact.

CooLiner Insulation Diagram

Watch the demonstration video below to see how easy it is to use CooLiner box insulation.

Performance Testing

Refrigerated Product – 48-Hour Transit in Summer

The efficacy of the CooLiner Box Liner was tested by comparing it to that of a 1/2″ styrofoam insert. Two test samples were placed under extremely high ambient temperature and the thermal performances were compared.

As shown in the graph below, insulating with CooLiner box insulation resulted in a substantial temperature differential over a 48-hour transit duration.

Insulated Box Test
Box Size:
ID Size:
Container Used:
Container Compared to:
Weight Shipped
Pre-Shipment Temp:
Refrigerant Used:
3 lbs. Foil-Wrapped Gourmet Chocolate
10” x 10” x 10”
10” x 10” x 10”
Carton Lined with CooLiner Box Liner
10” x 10” x 10” Carton with 6 pcs. ½” Styrofoam Inserts
8 lbs.
55 °F
1.5 lbs. (1 gel pack at 1.5 lbs)


What is CooLiner?

A revolutionary type of insulation made from metalized films and air bubbles. It is an excellent material for keeping your products cool or warm during transport.

CooLiner products are simple, easy to use bags, covers and roll stock, made to fit any size carton. They are recommended for protecting carton sized shipments lasting 24 hours or less, at refrigerated temperatures. CooLiner folds compactly and is therefore easy to transport and warehouse.

How does CooLiner work?

Unique Dual Layer Technology

CooLiner Insulation MaterialIPC utilizes exclusive reflective materials, not available to others in the industry, that provide the perfect combination of heat reflection and mass. Similar materials, when presented with a higher relative thickness, do not necessarily provide the best heat resistance. Light (low thermal mass) and highly reflective materials can provide better heat resistance. This critical combination has a large net-effect on the performance of heat resistors like CooLiner.

This foil reflective layer in CooLiner effectively blocks radiating heat from the environment, even after it has entered thru the walls of a carton. This foil layer is even more effective when exposed to open air, as when it is used as a pallet cover.

Our Exclusive Bubble Layer

IPC’s bubble material present s a unique structure that resist conductive heat flow. Again, the correct weight (gauge) is critical in the material’s performance capacity. Thicker, heavier films, although more durable, also have higher thermal mass that can actually enhance heat flow which is not desirable. Perfected after 11 years of careful research, IPC’s bubble technology presents time-tested, real world efficacy.

The air bubble layer provides conductive insulation, that when combined with the unique reflective layer, further enhances the insulation characteristics of CooLiner.

CooLiner – Insulated Carton Liner Specifications
Description:1 layer plastic bubble material.
Available in light, heavy, double layer and white.
Laminated to metalized film.
Weight & Width:0.99 oz/ft2.
Thickness:3/16 in
Usage:Used to cover or encase perishables or temperature sensitive products.
Raw materials approved by the FDA.

Why is the CooLiner superior?

  • Excellent temperature control performance.
  • Foldable – space savings, ships efficiently.
  • Does not crack or break during transport.
  • Watertight – prevents leakage during transport.
  • Easy to dispose.

How does CooLiner save me money?

CooLiner provides cost-saving advantages over conventional foam-type insulation products.

  • CooLiner products are easy to store and use.
  • Because they require little space when folded, CooLiner products present more efficiency in the pack area, whereby less work is required to move them into the packaging process.
  • Usage is also very simple, just open, place in carton/pallet, and seal.

The combination of easy storage and easy use present money saving, pack area efficiency that is being utilized by a host of today’s perishables shippers.

Reflective Box Liner

CooLiner Bag next to corrugated carton. Compact and collapsed.

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