Temperature Controlled Shipping Containers

Roll Insulation

High-performance temperature controlled shipping containersprotect your temperature-sensitive goods from spoilage during transport. Insulated Products Corp (IPC) offers high performance and cost-effective solutions for all your thermal packaging needs. We offer innovative, environmentally-friendly, cost-effective, and space-efficient shipping solutions that feature exceptional temperature control management for your valuable commodities throughout the shipping process.

Temperature controlled shipping containers are offered in a wide assortment of shapes and sizes. However, if you find that your business desires an alternative to our available containers, we enjoy rising to the challenge of customized packaging solutions that meet your requirements. Our unique materials are designed in-house in order to provide you faster service and higher quality. We have provided cold chain solutions for numerous customers and their products over the years and we proudly feature a “zero-fail” policy.

Our shipping offerings are utilized by the food industry, pharmaceuticals, pet and animal products, chocolate, wine, flowers and plants, nutritional supplements, household staples, and more. Our temperature controlled shipping containers are also favored by many merchandisers, contract manufactures, logistic managers, shipping managers, and packaging engineers. Our global presence allows us serve our customers at any location world wide. Please request a quote for any of our products and services.

Useful information that allows our qualified sales agents to quickly provide technical support includes:

  • The type of product your business will be shipping
  • The ideal temperature for maintaining your goods
  • The dimensions of your typical packages