Reflective Foil Bubble Construction-Grade Insulation

FoilBuild II

FoilBuild is a radiant barrier insulation that provides effective control against extremely hot or cold temperatures during shipment.

The high-performance material is made up of an advanced air-bubble layer, encased inside a metalized sleeve. The lightweight combination of the bubble interior and the outer reflective insulation layer helps to keep shipments within a specified temperature range throughout the entire transit duration.

Manufactured in California, all of IPC’s foil insulation products are made using proprietary materials that are not available to others in the industry. The advanced CooLiner material features the perfect blend of low mass and high reflectivity to form a highly effective insulation liner.

How It Works

The foil-faced insulated bubble wrap works by blocking heat from radiating from the local environment, while the bubble layer resists conductive heat transfer. It is the combination of the inner bubble and reflective outer layers that provides such effective temperature control.

Hydroponics Applications

Reflective insulation makes it easier for gardeners to manage heating issues that arise with indoor gardening and hydroponics. Using foil-faced insulation allows the conservation of energy by reflecting radiant heat, while also inhibiting the growth of fungi and bacteria.

FoilBuild II

  • 1 layer heavy-duty bubble
  • Aluminum on both sides
  • 48″x125′ – 500 sq ft/roll
  • $118.00/roll

FoilBuild II – 1SP

  • One layer heavy-duty bubble
  • Aluminum on one side
  • 48″x125′ – 500 sq ft/roll
  • $108.00 /roll

FoilBuild II – Double Bubble

  • 2 layers heavy-duty bubbles
  • Aluminum on both sides
  • 48″x100′ – 400 sq ft/roll
  • $129.00/roll

Two-Car Garage Door Insulation Kit

  • 4 rolls 24” x 20’ Foil Single Bubble, foil 2 sides
  • 1 Roll 185” of double sided Foam tape
  • 1 Disposable razor knife
  • Price $58.00/kit

Foil Adhesive Tape

  • 2″ x 150′ Pure Aluminum Tape
  • $9.00/roll

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Features of FoilBuild Insulation

Unrivalled temperature control.
Our CooLiner foil-backed insulation features a combination of materials that provide superior temperature control.
Space-saving design.
The bubble foil insulation is built using a space-saving design that allows efficient storage and use throughout the packaging and shipping process.
Robust materials.
This foil-faced rigid insulation is designed to resist tears, rips, and water damage during transit.

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All our products are developed and manufactured from our factory in the USA.

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