Insulated Shipping Solutions for Shipping Wine

Shipping Wine

Wine drinkers place a significant emphasis on quality and look for wines that are appeasing to the palate. The quality of wine can quickly deteriorate if not properly packaged during transport. IPC’s CooLiner Insulated Pallet Covers are specifically designed to prevent temperature spikes in the summer heat and freezing in the bitter cold of winter.

Whether you are shipping pallets of wine or cases, IPC has shipping solutions for your company to ensure the “fruits of your labor” arrive in excellent condition.

A few things to keep in mind when shipping wine:

  • Wine must be kept at a temperature of roughly 55-65 degrees otherwise it can spoil over time due to excessive heat.
  • Wine temperatures must not fluctuate. Keeping the temperature within 5 degrees will ensure the best quality for your wine.
  • Wine bottles are made of glass, requiring that packaging is secure enough to keep bottles from breaking.
  • Wine quality can deteriorate if exposed to light and especially sunlight.

Our CooLiner insulated pallet covers ensure that wine products are kept at the proper temperatures and packed in a cool, dark environment to ensure maximum freshness and quality. These insulated thermal blankets also cater to those who are in need of shipping cheeses.

Many wine companies and vineyards have used IPC for all of their insulated shipping needs, including for shipping pallets of wines using our CooLiner roll stock in special wide widths covering full container loads (draped over pallets). IPC has been in the business for over a decade, constantly keeping up with the latest shipping procedures and state laws for shipping wine products.

If you have any questions regarding our line of insulated packaging products, simply give us a call at 310-638-0900 or request a custom quote.

CooLiner Box Liners are ideal for shipping wine. Watch the demonstration video below to see how to use it.