Temperature-Controlled Packaging

Paper, foam and reflective insulation materials
Packaging for shipments of any size


Curbside Recyclable Insulated Packaging

Made of 100% recycled paper
Perfect for consumer deliveries


Superior Insulated Packaging

24h, 48h and longer duration shipments
Easy assembly and usage
Made of unique, innovative materials


Unique Insulating Materials

Unmatched performance
75% more space-efficient
100% Earth-friendly


Custom In-House Manufacturing

Custom tailored shipping solutions for your business
Save money, space & time
Industry-recognized quality


All our products are developed and manufactured from our factory in the USA.


We specialize in advanced thermal packaging solutions, custom-manufactured to exact requirements.
Using unique technology and proprietary materials we provide the best-performing and most cost-effective insulated packaging available.


Our insulated shipping supplies are the result of 20 years of innovation

Box Liners

Pallet Covers


Cold Packs

Are you protecting your shipments in the best possible way?

Our cold chain packaging solutions protects the thermal integrity of your products during last-mile transport to their destination. For over a decade, our insulated box liners, pouches, mailers and pallet covers have allowed clients to successfully protect their goods against the seasonal ambient temperatures encountered during the transportation of goods.

Let us find the right solution for you.

IPC designs, manufactures and tests, in-house, a variety of custom temperature-control products for the cold chain shipping industry.

All of the materials we use provide effective thermal performance, with the added benefit of being space-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Our unique technology and materials are what you need.

Since 1999, IPC has been an innovative supplier of thermal packaging solutions.

We have spent nearly two decades studying, perfecting, and delivering effective insulated packaging to companies shipping medicines, foods and industrial goods worldwide.

A focus on custom requirements

We thrive on special requirements including custom sizes, extended shipping durations and unique temperature requirements. IPC is a globally recognized leader in the development and manufacture of temperature-control packaging solutions for the protection of frozen, refrigerated, 2-8 °C, and room temperature (CRT) products.

Packaging Quality Matters

What makes our thermal packaging superior.

Space Efficient

Revolutionary materials that allow substantial space-savings during shipping.

Innovative Designs

Our dedication to innovation allows us to provide unrivalled levels of performance.

Unique Materials

Our patented designs and materials are not available to other manufacturers.

Eco Friendly

Committed to designing products that reduce the impact of shipping on the environment.

Trusted by Brands You Know

Companies receiving more than 3 years of quality service from IPC

IPC's liners provide excellent isolation, keeping the cold “air” inside the box during a 5-day shipment to Asia. IPC quickly produced prototypes we requested and has reliably filled small-quantity orders for these custom liners. Consistency and quality has been key to our large-quantity transport success.

John MorganPrincipal Engineer
High-performance products

Our choice of insulated packaging materials, the method of manufacture, and product design all contribute to the net result: outstanding thermal performance against cold and heat.

Unique methods

IPC provides these thermal packaging solutions reliably with the help of our vertically integrated manufacturing facility. This facility enables us to respond to customers’ needs much faster than other wholesalers.

Protection for packages of any size

Our product offerings include but are not limited to: insulated shipping containers,  box liners, insulated envelopes, insulated pallet covers, insulated delivery bags and refrigerant gel packs. All products are available in custom sizes with zero tooling cost.

in the business

unique products

New Innovations

A selection of our most revolutionary, innovative insulated packaging products.


The innovative insulated box liner that automatically pops up when opened.


A curbside-recyclable box liner made of 100% paper insulation.

Paper Square-Bottom Bag

Our most high-performance paper insulated box liner

Paper Insulated Delivery Bags

Recyclable paper insulated bags for delivering temp-sensitive goods to consumers.

Paper Pouches

The perfect insulated packaging for sending small-sized products to consumers.


Second-generation reflective insulated packaging.

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Are you ready to discuss your thermal packaging requirements?


Request a Quote Request a Custom Sample

IPC fabricates the necessary raw materials before converting them to custom insulation products using our line of unique machinery.

Full Variety of Product Protection

We offer a comprehensive range of insulated shipping supplies, including insulated carton liners, insulated envelopes, insulated pallet covers and refrigerant gel packs. All of our cold shipping packaging is available in custom sizes with no tooling cost.

Experienced Staff

Our sales engineers have many years of experience in providing custom-tailored solutions for cold chain transportation. Upon collecting details about a client’s needs, our in-house staff and fabrication team quickly recommend an ideal solution. Custom samples can also be produced and forwarded expeditiously. 

Worldwide Distribution

Our space-efficient products allow us to have global reach while benefitting from low shipping rates. Insulated Products Corp. supplies some of the nation’s largest companies at their various locations around the world. We have over a decade of experience in successfully supplying our many clients with custom cold chain packaging products in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Our temperature control materials are perfect for protecting:


Fresh and frozen meats


Specialty foods, fruits and vegetables
Salsa & Sauces
Cooking oil
Chocolate-coated and caramel-coated confectionary
Frozen dough and cookie dough
Ice cream and sorbet and frozen desserts
Fresh and frozen seafood: salmon fillets, shrimp and other fish
Dog, cat and other fresh pet foods
Baby food and formula
Raw meal ingredients
Gourmet meals
Gourmet chocolates and confections
Frozen meals with dry ice
Heat and cold-sensitive pantry products
Diet meals
Fresh and frozen grocery products
Food supply to military
Gourmet cheese products and dairy
Farm to table products


Bottled & keg beer
Fresh beverages
Soft drinks


Nutrional beverages
Aseptic milk
Protein shakes
Juice cleanses
Fresh and frozen juice mixes


Injectable medicine
I.V. medicines
Pharmaceutical mixtures
Reptile and amphibian veterinary medicines


Blood products, frozen platelets, plasma
Compounding pharmaceuticals

Cleaning & Cosmetics

Cleaning supplies


Candle and wax products


Chemical mixtures
Bonding agents
Diagnostic reagents and chemicals
Packaging material
Shrink labels


Stain & coatings
Water based paints/solvents, fluids
Perishable freight forwarding (cargo blankets and Cooliner rolls)
Heat-sensitive process materials
Synthetic latex products

Plants & Other

Plants and shrubs
Fresh herbs and microgreens
Liquid fertilizer
Leafy greens
Edible flowers
Aseptic products


African violets, orchids and flowers, plugs
Candles and other wax products