Insulated Shipping Boxes

GreenLiner with Food

Insulated shipping boxes manufactured by IPC are quickly becoming the standard in green, space efficient alternatives to molded thermal shipping boxes.

IPC’s creative use of flexible films and foams while employing ground breaking, patented compression methods, has helped cement its reputation for creating extreme performance cold chain solutions that are also space efficient and green.

Custom sizes are becoming the new norm and custom, high performance insulated shipping boxes can be made using IPC’s GreenLiner Box Liner, when placed inside any sized carton. The customization is key; while molded thermal shipping boxes created using expensive tooling are difficult and expensive to customize- IPC’s employment of pre-cut foam panels eliminates the ‘molding’ method using tooling while allowing manufacture using assembly, a much more cost efficient method that also makes way for collapsibility and space efficiency. IPC’s GreenLiner box liners are some of the most cost efficient thermal shipping products in the industry.

IPC’s CooLiner products are also popular methods of producing insulated shipping boxes as well as flat, thermal mailers and large pallet or truckload applications.

A flexible material, CooLiner can be easily converted to any custom sized thermal pouch, insulated box liner, insulated pallet cover or insulated freight cover. Made using a creative combination of encapsulated air and metalized films, IPC’s CooLiner material provides the ultimate in thermal insulation while providing the ultimate in price efficiency.