Be certain that your COVID-19 test kits reach their users in optimal condition with the help of our GreenLiner Insulated Pouches and Box Liners, proven to protect testing kits against extremely hot or freezing temperatures for more than 24 hours.

Tested for 2 – 8 °C Shipments

Our insulated pouches are proven to keep the contents of a COVID diagnostic test kit within the critical 2-8 °C temperature range.

Safeguarded Against Freezing

Our packaging protects against extremely cold external temperatures.

Quick and Easy Use

Fill, seal and send the COVID test insulation pouch on its way in seconds.

Made of Earth-friendly Materials

Have piece of mind knowing you’re minimizing your impact on the environment.

4 Hour COVID Test Kit Packaging

When sending COVID-19 test kits to your patients, it’s imperative that they do not freeze while in transit, since this renders them unusable upon arrival. Our insulated COVID test kit pouches provide the perfect solution in that they are quick and easy to use, and have been tested and proven to provide high-performance protection against even the most extreme ambient temperatures.

4 Hour COVID Test Insulated Packaging

Performance Testing

To test the efficacy of the insulated COVID test kit packaging, which are made from 1″ GreenLiner material, we subjected medical vials inside an insulated pouch to freezing conditions over a 4 hour transit to ensure they would be sufficiently protected.

As demonstrated by the graph, despite being subjected to freezing ambient temperatures, the insulated pouches prevented their contents from freezing through the 4-hour transit duration.

COVID Test Kit 4 Hour Insulated Packaging - Test Data

24 Hour COVID Test Packaging

Our extended last mile COVID test kit packaging is built to provide additional protection for more than 4 hours.

COVID Test Kit Packaging Extended

Performance Testing

We tested the efficacy of the COVID test kit pouch in freezing conditions over a 24 hour transit. As demonstrated by the graph, the insulated COVID test packaging kits effectively kept the contents safe from freezing for more than 24 hours.

Payload: 32oz. of vaccines
Vaccine Box Size: 3.9” x 2.04” x 4.88”
Shipper Size: 10” x 10” x 10”
Insulation Used: 1” GreenLiner
Temperature Profile: Winter
Refrigerant Used: 4x 32 oz. room temperature gel packs
Transit Time: 24 hours

Large-scale testing is a core component in the global fight against COVID-19.  Only through large-scale, comprehensive testing of the population can we work to gain a better understanding of and limit the transmission of COVID.

Many pharmacies across the U.S are now launching drive-in COVID-19 testing facilities as part of the rapid expansion of testing capacity in the United states.

With testing being scaled up as such a rapid pace, it is essential to ensure COVID test sample shipping guidelines are closely followed to eliminate the chance of coronavirus testing kits producing a “false negative” result.  A false negative result refers to situations when a test indicates that someone with the virus does not in fact have the virus. The potential costs of failing to adhere to these strict guidelines can be fatal.

To guarantee that test samples do no product a false negative result, it is imperative that COVID-19 test kit shipping rules from the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) are followed.

  1. COVID test kit samples must be kept within the 2-8 degrees Celsius temperature range throughout the entirety of the shipping duration.
  2. Samples must be no older than 72 hours
  3. Samples must be shipped as UN3373, Biological Substance, Category B
  4. Samples that are improperly labelled, contaminated, broken or leaking will be rejected
  5. Improperly collected samples will be rejected

It is recommended that you refer to the CDC guidelines for more information.

COVID-19 related insulated packaging

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