Temperature Controlled Shipments

Roll Insulation

For temperature controlled shipments, Insulated Products Corp (IPC) has the definitive solution. Available in many forms, the choices for insulated packaging are manufactured to offer the most effective alternatives for protecting heat and cold sensitive goods. The high-performance, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly materials designed and manufactured by IPC provide maximum temperature management during the shipping process.

Products are manufactured in-house using the latest technology and custom machinery to provide your business with reliable shipping solutions. During the production procedure, a variety of unique materials are utilized, including flexible thermoplastics, foil or other metalized films, encapsulated bubble materials, and other high-quality components. Materials are then fashioned into a diverse line of finished products specialized for superior thermal control.

Our product line features several options for temperature controlled shipments, including:

IPC can recommend an insulated shipping solution for your product dependent on payload size, cost parameters, and performance requirements. Our professional customer service technicians are available to assist your business in choosing the most applicable product that will meet your company’s specific insulated packaging needs. You are welcome to call IPC at 310-638-0900, request a quote, request a custom sample, or contact us here to experience ultimate protection for temperature controlled shipments.