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Shipping Perishables with CooLiner Insulated Thermal Packaging

By January 4, 2014November 22nd, 2018Resources
Insulated Shipping

It is imperative that temperature sensitive products such as refrigerated and frozen goods are properly stored and if shipped packaged with the appropriate protective material that ensure arrival in optimal condition.

With more than 20 years of shipping expertise, IPC understands the parameters related to achieving the proper level of protection and can answer the common question: “How long you can one maintain a products optimal temperature during transportation?”

Our line of insulated shipping products, along with our pack-out guidance, will ensure that our clients’ goods arrive at peak freshness, just as they were packed.

Below are a couple of tips to follow to make sure your company’s expectations of quality are met:

1. The cheapest shipping option is not always the most suitable

Many people try to save money by choosing the cheapest shipping option, by ground, in an effort to reduce transport costs. But the fact is that this may not serve your customer well,. Some purchases, especially impulse purchases, require quick delivery and are often requested to be shipped overnight.

2. Avoid using costly, over-engineered materials

The issue is that overnight shipping does not require very robust insulation. A lot of the insulated packaging products out there are over-engineered for packages only require 24-hour shipping, and cost more than is required for the task. IPC carries a variety of products in their CooLiner category that are both low cost and suitable for overnight (24hr) transit times.

3. Always use thermal protective packaging

Insulated Products Corp. is an established insulated packaging manufacturer that offers easy-to-use shipping products. Read more about our CooLiner Insulated Box Liners and how they can make your shipping experience a breeze.

Keep in mind, for shipping perishables, that using proper thermal packaging is a must. In order to keep perishables chilled for the entire transit duration, insulation must be used to defend from the increased ambient temperatures that may spoil your goods. The last thing you want is for expensive seafood or meat to be thrown out due to improper packing.

To see what solutions best fits your company’s need, view the array of insulated shipping solutions offered by IPC.

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