Anti-Static ESD Protection

Anti-static, metalized-only and ESD bubble bags.

Anti Static Bags
The most cost-economical ESD cushion pouch available. These anti-static bags are designed to protect lightweight, sensitive items.

Our static-shielding bags are available in a rangle of sizes and are designed to assist in the safe handling and shipping of electronic components.

The anti static bags provide ESD-sensitive devices protection against electrostatic discharges when outside of the safe working environment.

All ESD packaging products have an associated minimum order. In addition to protective packaging and shipping materials, we also manufacture ice packs for shipping.

Why Is Our ESD Packaging Superior?

  • Protects against static discharge

    The anti-static bags provide complete protection against static discharge and rough handling.

  • Aluminum “Faraday cage” layer

    The metalized layer shields products from electrostatic fields inside and outside the bag.

  • 3/16″ anti-static bubble absorbs shock

    The anti-static bubbler layer dampens vibrations and provides ESD protection.

  • Small or large quantities

    Our converting capabilities allow us to manufacture ESD bags in custom quantities, small or large.

  • Various options available

    Our antistatic bags are available as open-top pouches, pouches with peel-and-seal closure, and square-bottom bags.

ESD protection bags

All our products are developed and manufactured from our factory in the USA.

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