55°C (131°F) PCM Packs

PCM packs that help maintain hot temperatures for longer.

55C PCM Packs

Our 55°C (131°F) PCM Packs help shipments maintain consistently hot temperatures while in transit. Made using phase change materials (PCM) that store and release thermal energy to maintain a consistent temperatures of 55°C over time, our PCM gel packs are perfect for keeping shipments hot while being delivered to your customers.

Key Features:

  • Perfect for the shipment of goods that need to remain hot until they reach their destination
  • Suitable for shipment of fast food deliveries and biomaterials
  • Made using PCM gel contents inside a robust, hard shell casing

Performance Testing

PCM pack maintaining hot temperatures for 12 hours.

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All our products are developed and manufactured from our factory in the USA.

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