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Are You Minimizing Risk in Cold Chain Packaging?

By August 14, 2014November 12th, 2022Resources

Sometimes companies have trouble keeping up with the best practices in building effective cold chain processes, mainly due to changing regulations and an overall increase in the standards and demands provided by both the government and consumers.

To help evaluate roughly where you stand in effective cold chain management that aims at minimizing risk, ask yourself these questions:

Does your current cold chain shipping solution factor in the unknown?

The unknown consists of factors that are out of our control, but the best insulated shipping practices take this information into account and act accordingly. Unforeseen changes in weather, employee slacking and other factors all contribute to quality loss over time. A product that takes these considerations into account will minimize risk and survive the worst-case scenarios.

Do you know which areas of your cold chain process are lacking?

Answering “no” does not necessarily mean your cold chain process is operating at 100%. It is critically important to invest time and resources into finding out which parts of your process could use more support. In doing this, you will also gain valuable knowledge of your own logistics practices, such as the number of times a product changes hands, at what points, and which carriers are operating the slowest. This information amounts to a trial-and-error format that establishes a quality protocol aimed at allowing products to reach the shelves as quickly as possible without compromising quality.

Are you keeping up with technology?

Technology’s goal aims at two things: cost savings and convenience. Advances in technology related to the world of shipping include ways to make packages lighter weight by using fewer refrigerant gel packs, lower cost carriers that have great gas mileage, etc. It also helps to be an advocate of “green” technology as consumers are slowly beginning to shift the paradigm of thought regarding the Earth. Knowing the latest and greatest technological advancements and consumer demands keeps you one step ahead at minimizing the risk of loss of product quality .

Are you familiar with different countries’ quality standards?

The best cold chain packaging products should be able to meet quality standards not just domestically, but in foreign countries as well. Some countries are stricter than others. It’s important to make sure you understand quality standards in countries that are involved in your distribution process.


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