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Meat Industry Prepares for Thanksgiving – Is Your Business Ready?

By November 17, 2014November 23rd, 2018Industry
Insulated Shipping

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and this means many consumers will be frantically searching for savory-looking meats for their families. The most common meats consumed on Thanksgiving by many families are turkey, ham, and beef chuck steak.

Is your business prepared to handle the influx of traffic this Thanksgiving?

It comes as no surprise that Thanksgiving produces a large amount of orders that need to be fulfilled. By having the right infrastructure in place, as well as the proper shipping materials – you can increase your chances of providing your customers with quality.

Is your business prepared to ship your meats in a manner that maintains optimum quality levels?

Often times, busy scheduling and hastily fulfilled orders result in mistakes. In order to avoid these mistakes, it’s important that the right insulated shipping material is used. The success of your product is the insulated shipping material it’s shipped in. If your shipment isn’t prepared properly from the beginning, then the rest of your cold chain will struggle – and this will only compound deeper if delays occur for any reason.

The last thing your consumers want is a product that does not meet their expectations and you as a company cannot afford bad word of mouth.

Let IPC handle your insulated shipping needs

Make sure you are using a reliable, trusted source of cold chain insulated packaging this Thanksgiving in order to increase your chances of delivering a product that has maintained its quality from start to finish. Do not cut corners this Thanksgiving. Your customers are expecting to receive an exceptional product that will impress their friends and family.

Insulated Products Corp (IPC) offers temperature controlled insulated shipping solutions to businesses that are a part of the meat industry. Whether you are producing whole turkeys, processed meats, or even seafood, we provide you with the insulated shipping materials you need in order to succeed during the Holidays.

Have you read our comprehensive guide to meat shipping? We outline the best practices for sending your meat products to customers.

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