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Insulated Shipping 101: Refrigerated and Frozen Products

By October 9, 2014November 15th, 2021Resources
Shipping Refrigerated and Frozen Products

Business is booming in the world of refrigerated and frozen products. Consumers spend billions of dollars on refrigerated and frozen products every year. Companies spend millions of dollars on cold chain logistics and packaging to ensure that their products arrive to their custoemrs in the same high-quality state they were shipped in.

The bottom line: The refrigerated and frozen foods market isn’t drying up any time soon, but your profits will if you are not familiar with the best ways to ship refrigerated and frozen foods.

Back to the Basics

Shipping Meat with Dry Ice

Our PopupLiner Box Liners are perfect for shipping refrigerated and frozen foods.

When handling food, you cannot cut corners. If your customer receives a spoiled product or gets food poisoning from consuming your product, you most likely will lose that customer forever. It does not stop there. They will most likely spread the news to their family and friends, and this negative word of mouth marketing is something that no company can afford in today’s competitive market.

Professional Guides by IPC

Cold chain management professionals, Insulated Products Corp, offer guides for keeping foods refrigerated or frozen that all companies will benefit from. A product that is kept at optimum temperature during its transit retains not only its flavor, color, and texture, but also its vitamin content. This is only made possible by using tried-and-true methods and products that have been thoroughly tested with proven scientific results.

You can find the appropriate guides here:

Insulated Products Corp. works with clientele from a variety of different industries from all over the world, providing them with high quality temperature control packaging materials they need in order to preserve the freshness and quality of their products.

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