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How Insulated Pallet Covers Help Shippers Deal With Spikes in Fuel Prices

By November 4, 2013November 6th, 2023Industry
Reflective Insulated Pallet Cover

The shipping industry has always has to deal with the uncertainty of fuel prices and its affect on their costs of shipping, especially when it comes to cold products. Many shippers in the US and worldwide are indirectly affected by the political uncertainty in the Middle East. The related effect it has on fuel prices is magnified in the refrigerated freight market segment, where fuel consumption per mile is exponentially higher than with dry containers. As a result, refrigerated and frozen goods shippers must pay at least double the costs for transporting products when compared to traditional dry modes.

Reefer containers are one possible solution, but they come with their own set of challenges in booking and pricing. To address these issues facing shippers, IPC has developed a line of Insulated Pallet Covers that exceed the industry standards.

A Solution to Industry Challenges

IPC’s CooLiner Pallet Cover and GreenLiner Pallet Shipper are two high-performance insulation products that are fast-growing in popularity within the market of temperature-sensitive shipping.

  • The GreenLiner Pallet Shipper acts like a mobile refrigerator that can be easily assembled and efficiently stored in your warehouse, meaning it’s particularly suitable for shippers with limited storage capability.
  • The CooLiner Pallet Cover is a sturdy, tear-proof and puncture-resistant blanket designed to cover products and keep them protected from hot and cold temperatures. The blanket was designed to provide a highly effective temperature barrier for short or extended periods.

Not only are these an affordable option, but they are also eco-friendly thermal insulation. As Nick Herbon explains, “By implementing high performance passive insulation like the GreenLiner and CooLiner, companies are successfully cutting costs by using slower and less exotic modes of transport, and in turn they are consuming less fuel. It’s wonderful to be a part of!” Herbon indicates that there are political circumstances affecting business today; “the government shutdown brought forth new customers that were worried that their goods would be stuck in customs for extended periods and need of more protection against heat.”

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