Insulated Packaging Seattle

insulated packaging seattle

When it comes to shipping with high-performance insulated packaging in Seattle and the surrounding areas, Insulated Products Corp (IPC) has you covered, literally and figuratively. Washington is well-known for its variety of quality food items, coffees, and more. Such companies require insulated shipping options that will withstand the sort of heat that Seattle locals are unaccustomed to. For shipments going cross-country that will last 24 to 72 hours, your business will require insulated shipping options that suit your needs and will keep your frozen or refrigerated products at their required temperature to minimize product loss.

That’s where IPC comes in. After over a decade of innovative design and meticulous research, our cold chain solutions are a cut above the competition in every possible way. The CooLiner and GreenLiner product lines save space, reduce inbound shipping costs, are recyclable, and utilize patented technology to insulate temperature-sensitive products reliably. Whether you’re a national grocery chain, a medical supply company, or a gourmet chocolatier, IPC’s insulated packaging options are an excellent fit for your Seattle business. Our insulation bags and GreenLiner box liners are flexible and customizable to fit boxes of any size, allowing you the ability to make sure your products are protected no matter how you ship them. With space age technology like passive energy reflection and ultra insulating foam, you’ll always feel confident in your insulated shipping choices.

IPC works with clients who ship a range of temperature sensitive goods, including meat,chocolate, fresh herbs, medical supplies, and more. Our insulated packaging provides Seattle area companies with an option that will save them warehouse space, reducing their inbound shipping costs, provide protective cushioning, and environmentally-friendly recycling and disposal, all in addition to the effective temperature regulation capabilities of our products. Contact us today to discuss your options, from pallet covers to insulated product bags to cooling gel packs and more.