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PopupLiner Insulated Box Liners for Shipping Meat

By February 4, 2014November 15th, 2021Industry, Products
Insulated shipping meat

PopupLiner insulated box liners are ideal for shipping meat such as different cuts of steak, poultry, turkey, ham, pork, lamb, and even seafood.

The PopupLiner Insulated Box Liners provide high performance insulation, as well as maintaining lower temperature to prevent spoilage during transport. They not only prevent moisture “sweating”, but these insulated box liners also do not let odors out through fragrance transmission. They are excellent for shipping a variety of meat products.

At a recent tradeshow, clients approached us regarding our CooLiner product line, they said “how does this product work compared to the PopupLiner?” They went on: “what part of these insulated pallet covers provides the actual insulation?”

Our response “What does most of the work is the radiant barrier exterior” We continued “..the foil exterior reflects 95% of the heat it encounters- this is a reduction of convective heat and the bubble layer reduces heat flow by acting as a reducer of conductive heat.”

“Any creative uses you’ve seen from your other clients?”

Our response: “Yes! People have been using the low-cost CooLiner insulated pallet cover to ship frozen goods.  Some companies have learned how to create a mobile refrigerator per say.. They put dry ice in cartons, place these carton on top of a pallet of say, frozen cookie dough (fund raising), frozen meat or even a refrigerated product.  Then they place our CooLiner Insulated Pallet Covers over the whole frozen goods/dry ice assembly. The thermal cover serves to keep the cold vapors in, and another benefit is that the covers are largely vapor resistan, given that they contain metalized materials..”

“IPC enjoys these custom applications – they are the future of thermal packaging.  Our clients save tons of money by using our products in creative ways to avoid hiring expensive reefers for their frozen and refrigerated shipments..” adds Charles Veiseh, President of IPC.

Read more information on how to ship meat, and how you can make sure it arrives fresh or frozen.

This comparison clearly shows how the 1 inch PopupLiner box liner and Dry Ice can be used to increase profits and expand the reach of companies wishing to ship frozen meat and other frozen products via ground transport. Read the full case study here.

In addition to temperature control shipping materials above, we also manufacture gel pack refrigerant products that are handy for excessive heat temperatures during the summer.

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