CooLiner for Specialty Fruits

Our CooLiner insulated box liners keep fresh herbs, specialty fruits and vegetables salad mixes, cress, and micro herbs chilled, moisture free, and protected during shipping. Our unique, easy-open carton liners protect from summer heat for up to 24 hours, this will ensure your valuable materials arrive chilled while enhancing shelf life. Our products can also protect against the cold of winter.

Our unique insulation products have a history of providing reliable protection for a host of herb growers and shippers, micro green growers, greenhouses, edible flower grower/shippers, specialty vegetable growers and similar industries. We create custom pallet covers for large shipments too as well as protection for 48 hours and beyond. Call us at 310-638-0900 for information on custom liners, samples and quotes.

CooLiner Insulated Box Liner


  • Enhances shelf life, keeps specialty fruits like berries cooler and drier during transport.
  • Excellent for order fulfillment.
  • Prevents moisture “sweating” on product – prevents softening or early ripening.
  • Clean and professional presentation.

The very temperature sensitive nature of fruits such as berries and their susceptibility to early ripening and softening necessitates a superior form of protection during transport that helps maintain refrigerated temperatures.

CooLiner is an effective and time tested form of transport utilized by many specialty fruits and specialty vegetable companies that cater to thousands of restaurants , distributors and consumers nationwide. CooLiner is also ideal for transport to food vendor such as restaurants whereby it disposes cleanly and easily relative to Styrofoam.

In addition to temp shield temperature control shipping materials, we also manufacture gel pack refrigerant products.

The CooLiner Box Liner is ideal for shipping fruit. Watch the demonstration of how it’s used in the video below.

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