Cold Chain Solutions for Purchasing Agents

Cold Chain Solutions for Purchasing Agents

“Insulated Products Corp is my only source for temperature control packaging because they understand the business aspect of shipping perishables.”

Insulated Products Corp while developing and producing high performance packaging insulation, understands the business aspect of the packaging industry.

Since we specialize in B2B, our focus is on working with other corporations and that means quite a lot of work directly with purchasing agents.

In catering to other businesses, IPC recognizes that cost is a major factor when choosing a vendor for the insulation components of their products. IPC’s vertically integrated product line is among the most cost efficient in the industry. We aim to maximize value to our clients and we achieve this by passing on savings we achieve in our manufacturing processes.

IPC is a purchasing agent favorite in that we deal directly with hundreds of them on a daily basis. Our customer service agents and sales engineers understand the purchasing department’s needs and provide them with the information they need on a timely basis while providing direct support. IPC has the purchasing department covered with pricing, shipping, product specification, availability, lead-time and other essential information.

IPC provides insulated foil blankets, insulated shipping containers, temperature controlled shipments, gel packs, thermal blankets, thermal pouches, cold chain solutions, temperature controlled cargo truck covers, container liner for shipping, and insulated cargo containers.