Cold Chain Solutions for Packaging Engineers

On site engineering support. Spec products are our specialty.

Cold Chain Solutions for Packaging Engineers

Solutions made to your spec.

“As a Packaging Engineer, I chose to partner up with Insulated Products Corp because of their track record of creating successful custom cold-chain solutions designed around their customers’ needs.”

  • Cold chain packaging solutions manufactured “to spec” size and insulation material type.
  • In-house chamber testing capability to qualify custom solutions, while providing performance reports.

IPC specializes in custom solutions and works closely with packaging engineers in co-creating high performance insulated shipping containers and pallet shippers, tailor made for them or their clients. IPC offers packaging engineers choices in size and material specification and provides custom samples for trials on a daily basis.

Our state of the art testing chamber can utilized to perform ISTA or custom temperature profiles to demonstrate the performance of our many custom cold chain solutions.

IPC provides insulated foil blankets, insulated shipping containers, temperature controlled shipments, gel packs, thermal blankets, thermal pouches, cold chain solutions, temperature controlled truck insulation, container liner for shipping, and insulated cargo containers.