Shipping Meat with GreenLiner

Insulated Shipping Meat

Our GreenLiner insulated shipping boxes keep meats such as steak, poultry, turkey, and pork frozen until delivery. The easy to use liners arrive flat in compact bundles, open and unfold easily and are ready to be dropped into an open carton.

GreenLiner insulated box liners are ideal for a wide range of frozen meats such as different cuts of steak, poultry, turkey, ham, pork, lamb, and even for cold shipping seafood.

The box liners can be made water-tight with use of a simple plastic liner, thereafter they will work well with wet products packed with gel ice or water ice.

GreenLiner Box Liner Features:

  • Maintains refrigerated or frozen temperature to prevent spoilage during transport.
  • Clean and professional presentation.
  • Excellent for restaurant order fulfillment.
  • Does not let odors out through fragrance transmission.
  • Works for a variety of meat products, frozen with dry ice or fresh using gel refrigerant packs

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