Cold Chain Solutions for Logistics Managers

From air-cargo to shipping containers.

Shipping Manager

“As a Logistics Manager, I find it incredible helpful that Insulated Products Corp offers everything under one roof: Thermal cargo blankets for Air, OTR, LTL, and Sea.”

In today’s growing perishables logistics market, high performance, easy to use insulation products can make the difference in whether companies shipping heat and cold sensitive goods succeed or fail.

Insulated Products Corp has over 13 years of direct experience working with perishables freight companies.

A few areas where IPC’s excels in providing support to Perishable Freight Forwarders:

  • Just in time shipping, materials stocking programs.
  • Complete product line (see below for list of items).
  • Time tested materials.
  • Materials engineered to be low cost for one way/disposable use.

Perishable Freight Forwarder Item List

  • LD3, LD7, Full Container 20′ and 40′ Cargo Insulation Kits, custom thermal cargo covers.
  • D Containers with and without thermal insulation.
  • Insulated roll stock and insulated foil blankets for wrapping perishable freight.
  • Ancillary products: LD3 Foam Wedges for stacking, vented fly-gaurds, container security seals.
  • Packaging products: Strapping and Buckle, stretch wrap, tape, C58 Staples.
  • Temperature recorders.

IPC provides insulated foil blankets, insulated shipping containers, temperature controlled shipments, gel packs, thermal blankets, thermal pouches, cold chain solutions, temperature controlled truck blankets, container liner for shipping, and insulated cargo containers.