Shipping Gourmet Meal Kits with CooLiner

Gourmet Meal Insulated Packaging

Gourmet meal kits must, by definition, arrive to the client in gourmet quality. That means maintaining freshness, shelf life and flavor upon arrival after being transported by a delivery or shipping company. Gourmet meal kits should sustain a specific temperature during transport with minimal temperature fluctuations. To achieve this, meal kits must be shipped using high-performance insulation materials. Our CooLiner insulated shipping box liners help give you peace of mind when you are shipping small or large quantities of any perishable items.

These insulated box liners are flexible, easy to set up, and space-efficient for storage and handling. Whether you have pallets of gourmet meal kits to send in bulk, or are sending one box at a time, IPC’s insulated packaging solutions are perfect to make sure the meal kits arrive just as fresh as when they were prepared.

CooLiner Product Features for Cold Shipping Gourmet Meal Kits:

  • Perfect for online order fulfillment.
  • Peel and seal easy adhesive lip closure
  • One piece, easy drop in gusseted square bottom bag design.
  • Low cost – well suited for disposable applications.
  • Maintains cold temperature necessary for gourmet meals to arrive fresh.
  • Prevents moisture “sweating” on product.
  • Arrives ready to be packed in a compact form for space efficiency and easy handling.
  • Provides clean and professional presentation.

IPC’s Box Liners vs. Traditional EPS Coolers

Traditional EPS coolers (typically used with dry ice) can be considered older technology and can result in diminished performance in keeping products cold for long periods of time. Also, disposing EPS may be harmful to the environment in that if EPS were to break into pieces it would end up in the landfill. IPC’s CooLiner insulated shipping boxes ensure that you are using ‘green’ shipping methods to deliver your products while maintaining a consistent cold temperature.

Many professional industries have been utilizing IPC’s CooLiner shipping products to meet their insulated shipping needs. IPC has been in the insulated shipping business since 1999, constantly looking for ways to stay on the cutting-edge of thermal packaging technology.

Test: Thermal Performance of IPC’s CooLiner Box Liner for Shipping Gourmet Meal Kits

Shipping Gourmet Meals
Box Size:
Refrigerant used:
Pre-shipment temperature:
Temperature recording device
15” x 11” x 11”
CooLiner Box Liner
Gourmet Meal (2 lb of Flank Steak)
6 quantities of 16 oz gel packs in each box
4 °C (39.2 °F
3 lbs (2 gel packs at 1.5lbs)

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