Insulated Chocolate Shipping

Insulated Shipping Chocolate

All the best gourmet chocolatiers trust their chocolate shipping solutions to IPC. For well over a decade, we’ve provided revolutionary insulated packaging to nationally and globally distributed chocolate companies like Hershey’s, Lindt, and Ghirardelli. Our PopupLiner line is especially popular for individual shipments, as the box liners come in custom sizes with two interlocking panels to easily suit any size box.

Chocolate and other perishable goods require a special level of care during shipment. Ambient temperatures can easily climb, causing delicate concoctions to melt or become inedible. In this business, image is everything. Choosing the right chocolate shipping solutions for your company requires you to weigh many options, including the type of insulation, cost, durability, the length of time it can keep products cool, and more. Take a look at our guide on how to ship chocolate for all you need to know.

At IPC, we’ve done extensive research and testing to prove that our innovative, patented designs are the very best insulated packaging options available on the market today. Our liners and pallet covers can insulate shipments lasting anywhere from 24 to 72 hours, opening up new markets that you previously thought unattainable. IPC packaging is proven more effective than Styrofoam containers of similar thickness over time, and it’s far more space-efficient. Expand or increase your business with cost-effective chocolate shipping solutions that are environmentally friendly and easy to recycle.

IPC is a leading innovator in cold chain distribution solutions. Our products are used by chains and independent businesses to ship frozen and refrigerated goods like cheese, fresh herbs, pharmaceuticals, produce, and much more. Our customizable products are made to fit the client, not the other way around. For more information on how our shipping solutions can benefit your chocolate business, give us a call or contact us online. We’re happy to help you find ways to grow your business and provide the best service to your customers.

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Insulated chocolate shipping containers from IPC provide the temperature control that traditional thermal packaging cannot provide for those whose livelihood depends on shipping chocolate with zero product loss i.e. melting or blooming.

Easy to use, flexible and space efficient, IPC CooLiner insulated chocolate shipping box liners provide the ultimate thermal packaging for “gourmet” and artisanal chocolate shippers. The space age metalized foil liners also provide the ultimate in a professional looking presentation to the recipient of your goods.

Our CooLiner insulated box liners keep gourmet chocolates, chocolate covered goods like popcorn, chocolate bars and similar products cool, condensation free, and protected during shipping.

Our unique, easy to use box liners protect from heat especially during summer months for up to 24 hours, this will ensure your valuable materials arrive safely. Our products can also protect against the cold of winter.

Our heat and blocking insulation products have a long history of providing reliable protection for a host of gourmet chocolatiers, hand-made confectionaries and similar industries. We create custom pallet covers for large shipments too, e mail us at [email protected] for samples and pricing.

Chocolate Shipping Product Features:

  • Prevents melting during transport.
  • Excellent for internet order fulfillment.
  • Prevents moisture “sweating” on product.
  • Clean and professional presentation.
  • Also protects candy and other sweets.

PopupLiner addresses the very temperature-sensitive nature of chocolates and confections as they are transported during warm months. That’s why it is utilized daily by a host of domestic and international chocolatiers and confectionaries to protect their goods from the elements during transport. PopupLiner is excellent for internet order fulfillment whereby the liners can be very easily stored and placed inside cartons ready for loading.

In addition to temp shield temperature control shipping materials, we also manufacture gel pack refrigerant products.

Chocolate Shipping Product Test Details

Shipping Chocolate
Box Size:
ID Size:
Container Used:
Compared to:
Pre Shipment Temp.
Refrigerant Used:
3 lbs Foil Wrapped Gourmet Chocolate
10” x 10” x 10”
10” x 10” x 10”
FoilTech Box Square bottom box liner in Carton
10” x 10” x 10” Carton with 6pcs ½” Styrofoam Inserts
8 lb
55 °F
1.5 lbs (1 gel packs at 1.5lbs)

CooLiner insulation is ideal for shipping chocolate. Watch the video below to find out how to use it.

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EcoLiner Box Liner

The EcoLiner is a two-piece thermal insulation liner made to protect the contents of a six-sided container. It’s high performance stems from the natural cotton based panels that are wrapped in a bio-based film.

CooLiner Box Liner

The CooLiner box liner is a simple, easy-to-use insulation bag, made of environmentally friendly materials and collapsible for easy shipping. It’s recommended for protecting carton-sized shipments lasting up to 24 hours at refrigerated temperatures.