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PopupLiner Insulated Pouches Provide an Effective Solution for Shipping Temperature-Sensitive Products

By November 4, 2013September 5th, 2022Products
Insulated Pouches
GreenLiner pouch

Our PopupLiner insulated pouches make it easy to ship smaller-sized temperature-sensitive products in a cost-efficient way. These high-quality thermal bags are featured as one of our premium products, and they serve one single purpose: to keep refrigerated or frozen products from breaking the cold chain.

The insulated pouches work extremely well for shipping temperature-sensitive medicines such as vaccines, which can quickly lose their effectiveness if not properly packaged. In addition, the pouches are also highly effective at maintaining optimal temperatures for frozen foods, meat products, dairy products, cold beverages, chocolate, ice cream, and any other products that must be stored at cold temperatures.

A few key features of the PopupLiner insulated pouches:

  • They come in many different sizes; as well as custom sizes to make sure your shipping needs are met.
  • They come packed with high-performance, half-inch or one-inch-thick, polyurethane foam panels to ensure your shipping goods stay at a suitable temperature for 48 hours or more.
  • The pouches are available with a choice of slide-zipper closure or quick-release tape closure for quick and easy use.
  • PopupLiner pouches are environmentally friendly. We are proud of our insulated pouches because they help to address the growing concern of the environment. Shippers using these pouches can feel like they have done their part in minimizing their environmental impact. There’s a reason why we named it the “PopupLiner insulated pouch”.

Click here to learn more about our PopupLiner insulated pouches.

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