The global fight against COVID-19 has resulted in the need to send volatile pharmaceuticals around the world at unprecedented scale and speed. From antigen testing and antibody testing to the shipping of vaccines for testing and distribution around the world, supply chains are having to adapt to find working logistical solutions to the challenges faced.

We provide a range of temperature control packaging to help with the insulated shipment of coronavirus-related tests and vaccines. Browse our solutions below and contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

Shippers that are proven to protect frozen vaccines for more than 96 hours.

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COVID Test Shippers 4 Hour Transit

Insulated pouches for last-mile shipment of COVID test kits to patients.

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COVID Test Shippers 24 Hours

An extended solution for last-mile COVID test shipment for when 4-hour delivery is not possible.

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Shipment of Refrigerated Medical Vials Using PCM and PopupLiner Box Liner

Thermal protection of PopupLiner insulated box liner for refrigerated vials using frozen gel packs and PCM for summer and winter ambient conditions.

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