Cold Chain Packaging New York

Cold Chain Packaging New York

Cold chain packaging sourced for shipping from New York to customers across the nation, requires special attention due to the extremes in heat and cold that can occur there.

Thermal packaging materials used in a ‘pack-out’ are usually developed for a specific product and route.

IPC has developed insulated shipping solutions that virtually guarantees the extreme heat and cold resistance required by shippers in the Northeast and New England areas.

As one of the busiest shipping ports in the nation, New York companies most often turn to global leader, IPC for their insulated shipping needs.

IPC successfully answers cold chain packaging demands with high tolerances to ensure that the contents of your shipping containers experience minimal temperature variances during distribution routes.

Since 1999, Insulated Products Corp has shipped ‘shipping solutions’ to all fifty states and around the globe. Our innovative products include insulated pallet covers, thermal cargo blankets, box liners, and insulated envelopes. Our patented GreenLiner box inserts come in a variety of sizes to fit nearly every shipping container and can be instantly converted into a thermal packaging solution.

Our engineers also pride themselves on custom solutions. Call our team today and we will create a custom solution and ship that sample overnight so your products do not have to wait for protection. Nearly every industry that demands temperature management during shipping look to IPC for answers.

Our clients include:

  • Hershey
  • Lindt
  • Sandoz
  • Mercx
  • Ghiradelli

Shock absorption and vibration protection is now also a feature of the shipping solutions found at IPC. Our GreenLiner inflated panels absorbs shock from rough handling as well as the typical stresses encountered during transport. This demonstrates the versatility of our products in ensuring your product arrives undamaged!

IPC now is also the provider of some of the most environmentally sensitive insulated packaging products on the market. Our use of recyclable materials has minimized our need for virgin raw materials-further moving us towards a sustainable materials user. Our products are also ultra-collapsible which means they take less fuel to ship to you, less space in your warehouse, and less space in landfills-if disposed of, which equal a carbon footprint reduction when using our cold chain packaging, of course available to New York companies within a three to four day delivery window.

IPC is the leader in thermal protection for insulated shipping containers making the trek to ports across the nation.