Cold Chain Packaging Los Angeles

Cold Chain Packaging Los Angeles

Cold Chain packaging products used in the Los Angeles area are commonly provided by the local leader in cold chain packaging, Insulated Products Corp. Since 1999 IPC has been the leader in innovation, performance, quality control, and is the only vertically integrated thermal shipping protection materials company who provides custom thermal liners, insulated covers, thermal blankets, temperature sensitive containers, thermal envelopes, foil insulation in rolls, foil bubble insulation, gel refrigerant packs, and othercold pack solutions under the same roof. Meeting the global demand for these products in the growing cold chain management industry has meant that IPC enjoys phenomenal client retention..

IPC is also an educational resource, while providing studies and at your request that can illustrate the principles of shipping temperature-controlled goods. We identify common pitfalls and explain the basics so your company’s products are protected properly. We can teach how the materials work and how to use them the best way possible to deliver at the right temperature, every time.

Whether your shipping needs demand large format pallet covers, thermal cargo blankets, or your needs are smaller and your products ship in insulated thermal envelopes or boxes lined with insulated liners, IPC can provide, or design, the thermal protection you want.

The following industries have chosen IPC year after year for their cold chain management needs.

  • Perishable Freight Forwarding
  • Foods
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Industrial goods, cold sensitive paints, adhesives and shrink films, polyolefin
  • Pet and animal products
  • Medical specimens
  • Air & ground logistics /Perishable Freight Forwarding
  • Gourmet Meal Home Delivery
  • Juice Cleanse Companies
  • Military Meal Delivery – Frozen and Fresh
  • Scented candles
  • Chocolate/Confectionary
  • Gourmet Cheese
  • Prepared gourmet meals
  • Fresh herbs and specialty fruits and vegetables
  • Fresh flowers
  • Seafood – salmon filets and other fresh or frozen fish
  • Heat or Cold Sensitive plants and many other heat or cold sensitive goods.

Insulated Products Corporation is premier choice for “green” thermal protection designed to be environmentally friendly.

Because our products take up less space, it takes less fuel to ship them to you and certainly less overall cost to use them as your shipping solution-this can help reduce your ‘carbon footprint’. Our CooLiner products are made from recyclable materials and because they are collapsible and shred resistant products, they take up much less space when relegated to landfills.

IPC manufactures a complete line of compact, high performance & green cold chain packaging and cold pack shipping, and other insulated packaging products.