Cold Chain Packaging Chicago

Cold Chain Packaging Chicago

Cold chain packaging solutions need to be highly effective when used for goods shipped in Chicago, Illinois or surrounding areas. The frigid cold of mid-winter Illinois requires that goods packed in thermal packaging requires that extra insulated shipping protection. Not to forget the hot and humid environment during the summer; requiring equally effective insulation.. IPC’s innovative thermal packaging provides exceptional protection for the contents of your pallets, barrels/drums, boxes, and envelopes. Companies around the world turn to IPC to ensure their products arrive at their destination with minimal temperature variation. Thermal cargo blankets, and insulated pallet covers, provide large format shipments uniform temperature control and protection.

IPC is proud to begin offering our “Green Liners” that are ecologically sensitive with the use of materials that are easy to recycle, durable enough for multiple use, and collapsible enabling shipping to our clients with less need for fuel. Our Clients and the environment win when using innovative insulated shipping products form IPC.

One of the keys to our longstanding presence in the cold chain management industry has been our staff. Our staff of engineers offer years of experience in providing custom solutions for cold chain product distribution and shipping .

After thorough research with a client, our in-house staff, while working with our in-house fabrication team can will quickly create a solution strategy, quote and ideal delivery solution to your perishable or sensitive product transport challenge. With over two decades of service to the industry and thousands of satisfied customers, IPC has the experience and track record to be the only company you need to work with.

Custom samples can also be created and shipped to you overnight to provide you effective thermal packaging or cold chain packaging solutions you require to be used in the Chicago, IL area or beyond.