Air Cargo Insulation

IPC carries a full line of air cargo insulation products, ideal for the perishable freight forwarding industry.

Air Cargo Insulation

CooLiner insulation blankets are a highly effective method of insulating bulk quantities of goods shipped via air cargo.

Using a proprietary combination of reflective foils and thermoplastics, CooLiner Cargo Insulation Covers have been shown to produce extreme temperature differentials when placed over temperature-sensitive cargo. This performance is achieved through utilization of unique film technology that makes them appropriate for a variety of applications.

We provide the following products:

  • Roll stock: 30″ tall to 125″ or custom
  • E, EH , EO air cargo containers
  • Custom insulated freight covers (LD3, LD8 & M1)
  • Gel packs – Regular and Pre-frozen
  • LD3 Foam Wedges for Packing
  • Single side corrugated rolls
  • 20′ 4.0 mill plastic sheeting
  • Vboard/Edgeboard
Air Cargo Diagram

Suggested Sizes

40 x 48 x 64
125 x 96 x 64
125 x 88 x 96

Custom Size – Don’t see the dimensions you’re looking for? We specialize in manufacturing custom sizes to fit your exact specifications. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.


  • Perfect for bulk shipping

    CooLiner insulation blankets are an excellent method of insulating bulk quantities of goods shipped via air cargo.

  • Highly effective temperature control

    Our Perishable Freight line of products delivers outstanding temperature-control performance against cold and heat.

  • Applicable for numerous industries

    CooLiner cargo insulation is ideal for agricultural products, fruits and vegetables, medical fluids, pharmaceuticals, seafood, meat, temperature-sensitive industrial materials, and water-based paints.

  • High performance

    Using a proprietary combination of reflective foils and thermoplastics, CooLiner thermal blankets produce extreme temperature differentials when placed over temperature-sensitive cargo.

  • Protection for extended durations

    CooLiner Pallet Cover provided an effective temperature barrier for over six days and guarantee protection against freezing.

  • Available for various cargo containers

    In addition to temp shield temperature control shipping materials like the CooLiner thermal blanket cover, IPC also manufactures kits to protect Air Cargo LD3, LD8 and LD 10 containers.

Watch the video below to see how to insulate your air cargo using CooLiner Air Cargo Insulation.

What Makes Our Air Cargo Insulation Superior?

  • Durable Design

    Our Air Cargo Insulation material is designed to be sturdy, tear-proof, and puncture-resistant, ensuring your products make it through transit intact.

  • Space-Saving Design

    Our products arrive compressed and folded, allowing you to minimize warehousing and transportation costs.

  • Easy to Use

    Our insualtion products could not be easier to apply, and fit perfectly every time.

  • Collapsible

    The space-efficient design allows you to immediately collapse the insulation after use, making disposal and transportion easy.

  • Protection Against Light and UV

    Our air cargo insulation provides a high level of protection against light, solar radiation and UV.

CooLiner Materials

Performance Testing

Protection Against Extreme Cold

Protection Against Extreme Heat

Pallet Insulation Test
Insulated Pallet Cover Heat Control

CooLiner F.A.Q

What is CooLiner?

A revolutionary type of insulation made from metalized films and air bubbles. It is an excellent material for keeping your products cool or warm during transport.

CooLiner products are simple, easy to use bags, covers and roll stock, made to fit any size carton. They are recommended for protecting carton sized shipments lasting 24 hours or less, at refrigerated temperatures. CooLiner folds compactly and is therefore easy to transport and warehouse.

How does CooLiner work?

Unique Dual Layer Technology

PC utilizes exclusive reflective materials, not available to others in the industry, that provide the perfect combination of heat reflection and mass. Similar materials, when presented with a higher relative thickness, do not necessarily provide the best heat resistance. Light (low thermal mass) and highly reflective materials can provide better heat resistance. This critical combination has a large net-effect on the performance of heat resistors like CooLiner.

This foil reflective layer in CooLiner effectively blocks radiating heat from the environment, even after it has entered thru the walls of a carton. This foil layer is even more effective when exposed to open air, as when it is used as a pallet cover.

Our Exclusive Bubble Layer

IPC’s bubble material present s a unique structure that resist conductive heat flow. Again, the correct weight (gauge) is critical in the material’s performance capacity. Thicker, heavier films, although more durable, also have higher thermal mass that can actually enhance heat flow which is not desirable. Perfected after 11 years of careful research, IPC’s bubble technology presents time-tested, real world efficacy.

The air bubble layer provides conductive insulation, that when combined with the unique reflective layer, further enhances the insulation characteristics of CooLiner.

CooLiner – Insulated Carton Liner Specifications
Description:1 layer plastic bubble material.
Available in light, heavy, double layer and white.
Laminated to metalized film.
Weight & Width:0.99 oz/ft2.
Thickness:3/16 in
Usage:Used to cover or encase perishables or temperature sensitive products.
Raw materials approved by the FDA for incidental contact.

Why is the CooLiner superior?

  • Excellent temperature control performance.
  • Foldable – space savings, ships efficiently.
  • Does not crack or break during transport.
  • Watertight – prevents leakage during transport.
  • Easy to dispose.

How does CooLiner save me money?

CooLiner provides cost-saving advantages over conventional foam-type insulation products.

  • CooLiner products are easy to store and use.
  • Because they require little space when folded, CooLiner products present more efficiency in the pack area, whereby less work is required to move them into the packaging process.
  • Usage is also very simple, just open, place in carton/pallet, and seal.

The combination of easy storage and easy use present money saving, pack area efficiency that is being utilized by a host of today’s perishables shippers.

Suggested Sizes
  • 40 x 48 x 64
  • 125 x 96 x 64
  • 125 x 88 x 96

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