2-8°C Pre-Qualified Insulated Shipper

The most compact 2-8ºC pre-qualified shipper using IPC’s patented technology.

IPC’s pre-qualified shippers provide accurate thermal protection for refrigerated biopharmaceutical samples that need to be kept within the 2-8 ºC temperature range. Our pre-qualified shippers are built with our proprietary GreenLiner insulated box liner, phase change materials (PCM), and corrugated boxes.

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All the necessary components, including phase change materials, GreenLiner insulated panels, payload carton, and conditioning and pack-out instructions, will be provided upon purchase. GreenLiner thermal box liners are made from flexible polyurethane foam insulators that are encased by metalized sleeves. These liners are shipped vacuum-compressed, using IPC’s patented technology, leading to a 75% saving in space and storage.

In-house testing.  Our thermal packaging engineers pre-qualify all shipping solutions with the certainty that the payload temperature will remain within the 2-8 °C range throughout the specified duration. Before assurance of our pre-qualified shipper for any specific application, we offer testing in our in-house environmental chamber to assess the shipper’s integrity. If any of the proposed solutions listed in the table does not meet your needs, contact us to determine and design the best solution for your 2-8 °C application. We pride ourselves in providing custom solutions to any customer’s cold chain needs.

We provide a wide range of sizes to fit any application. View available sizes or request a quote below.


  • Effective 2 – 8 °C Temperature Protection

    The most compact 2-8ºC pre-qualified shipper using IPC’s patented technology

  • Space-Efficient Design

    Insulated liners arrive compressed, using a patented technology, and will inflate to full thickness upon opening of the sleeve. This design feature helps you to save on freight costs.

  • Easy to Assemble

    The pre-qualified insulated shipper can be assembled in seconds. Just follow the simple packing steps.

  • Various Sizes Available

    Available in multiple sizes for different durations.

  • Seasonal and universal pack-outs
  • Single SKU 5 °C PCM
  • Minimal components needed
  • Available in multiple sizes for different durations
Pre-Qualified Insulated Shipper

Performance Testing

Temperature profiles of payload (air) and oven under ISTA 7D summer profile for 481L model
Pre-Qualified Insulated Shipper
Temperature profiles of payload (air) and oven under ISTA 7D winter profile for 481L model
2-8C Prequalified Shipper

Available Sizes

PCM TypeContainer
#6 24Summer350C+5.5C15.5″×13.5″×11″7.5″×6″×3″
2.21 L
#27 24Universal24.55.5C12″×10.5″×13″6″×5″x6″
2.94 L
#35 24Summer520C+5.5C16″×11.5″×13″11.5″×7.5″×3″
4.2 L
#24 24Winter485.5C12″×10.5″×11″7.5″×6″×3″
2.21 L
#17 24Summer520C+5.5C12″×10.5″×13″7.5″×6″×3″
2.21 L
481LUniversal48.4 summer
< 67 hours
2.9 L
#4 +48Summer880C+5.5C15″×15″×18″6.5″×6.5″×6″
4.15 L
#5 +48Summer73.250C+5.5C22″×22″×18″12″×12″×6″
14.15 L
#16 48Universal46.25 summer
72 winter
7.8 L

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